Choosing a Security Guard

A security guard, more appropriately called a security guard officer, is a trained individual employed by a private or government organization to protect the investing party’s assets against a range of potential risks. Security guards work for privately owned and publicly run businesses, such as banks and restaurants, and may also be employed by large corporations such as banks and airlines. Some security officers are responsible for investigating crimes on and offsite, while others may simply patrol specific properties and locations on a daily basis. Regardless of the specific location, security guards typically perform their duties in high-risk areas and on high-dollar items.

When searching for security guard job descriptions online and in local newspapers and magazines, one finds the need for licensed professionals in the security industry. For example, an individual seeking employment with an airline might apply to a private security guard company instead of an airline carrier. Likewise, a bank security officer would not be hired by a financial institution if one were looking for work at that particular bank. A security guard’s education and experience must match the specific job description to be applied for. Security guard training must also be tailored to the specific needs of the jobs available. Training is available for both college students who want to be security guards, as well as former security guards who want to re-enroll in the Security Guard Academy to upgrade their skills.

Security guard training involves both classroom instruction and field practice. Security guards are taught a variety of techniques to detect possible intruders and investigate suspicious activities in and around a business or residence. Security officers are also required to physically check doors and windows, and use sensitive equipment to seize and inspect documents, money or other items. Security officers may also make initial contact with a customer to ask questions about products or services, take an inventory of personal items, and interview a customer to find out their address and other important information. In addition to classroom instruction, most security guard jobs will require field training in specific courses. Most security guard job descriptions will specify the type of field training or practical experience security guards must have before being assigned to a new job.

Security guards are in high-risk situations every day, which can lead to a lot of physical danger if security guards fail to maintain a professional and safe appearance. It is important for security guards to dress appropriately when visiting customers’ premises. Security guards should wear business uniforms when interacting with customers at any business; however, when leaving their homes or offices to go on a client’s property, they should dress in a more casual outfit such as a pair of khaki pants, a shirt and a blouse. The number one concern of security companies and homeowners is that customers should feel safe and secure when entering or leaving their homes and businesses, and they can do this by making sure that their guards look professional and prepared.

Another responsibility of security guards is to provide and maintain a safe environment. For this reason, security guards are usually given emergency training in how to deal with emergencies such as break-ins and natural disasters. Emergency procedures include providing assistance to trapped people, conducting a safety inspection and providing first aid until professional help can arrive. Security guards should also be knowledgeable about how to safely transport residents to the hospital and take other precautions that can minimize damage to personal property.

When choosing a security company or security guard agency, it is important to know how a particular company or security guard agency measures its employees’ physical abilities and standards of dress. Some security agencies use uniformed guards who come in all uniformed colors and shirts with frills and buttons. This can be an expensive option for some homeowners and companies and can give employees a workplace that feels very similar to any other workplace. Other companies prefer to hire guards with the same clothing that their employees wear, but also have cameras trained on them for the purpose of surveillance. Surveillance cameras are becoming ever more popular with businesses because they provide a high level of protection. Surveillance cameras also provide an excellent way to monitor employees who are working in areas that cannot be viewed from the property or office itself, such as hallways or kitchens.

When choosing a security service, it is also important to consider what specific services each security company offers. Some security services offer protection against burglary, while others may only provide 24-hour protection. There are other services, such as panic rooms, which are designed to help protect businesses during emergency situations. Many companies also have a specialized team of guards who are designated solely to provide surveillance and to respond to calls for assistance. While many security guards will provide all of these types of services, some will provide additional services, such as 24-hour security monitoring, if the owner chooses to hire them. It is best to review the services each security guard offers before signing a contract.

Choosing a security guard can be a daunting task. With the number of security guards available, it can be difficult to find the right security company for one’s needs. By reviewing the services each security guard provides, location of the facility, and the cost of a contract, one can be assured that they are making the right decision by hiring a security guard.

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