Christmas cheerleader fundraisers

During the Christmas season, people are given a chance to spread love to everyone. We can share gifts, foods, money, and many more. Christmas is also a time of giving.  This makes it the best time for cheerleader fundraisers.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

Here, we are giving you some Christmas fundraising tips that you can organize with your colleagues. It’s fast and beneficial to raise funds for your cheering squads.

Fundraising Competitions During Christmas

Nowadays, kids are very competitive with each other. Take this opportunity and bring them to a friendly battle. Here are the lists of fundraising competitions during the Christmas season.

  • Christmas Game Night

Prepare a game night in your community to fight the boredom of the kids. Together with your cheering team, try to set up eight to ten tables, and bring handy games to the event. You can select board games like chess, monopoly, dominos, and many more.

Charge an admission fee for each participant. To make the event more interesting, try to crown the champion of the game night and prepare fascinating prizes. It’s a very effective way to keep the players motivated throughout the game.

To add more cash to your charitable funds, inform your cheering team to set-up a food booth and beverages. They can serve the food to the hungry players and spectators.

  • Christmas Karaoke Event

Christmas karaoke is one of the best indoor activities during the cold weather season of Winter. Host a holiday karaoke competition in your school.

Charge a flat fee for each participant. Next, invite your school principal, faculty head, and guidance counselor to serve as judges of the competition. Crown and prepare spectacular prizes for the grand champion.

Tell your cheering squad to prepare some dance numbers during the event. It is an effective way to keep the audience entertained.

  • Winter Olympics

Arrange 5-10 outdoor challenges and host a winter Olympics for your community. This event can help to boost the confidence of kids towards other people. Also, it’s the perfect way to gain lots of new friends.

Demand a small fee for each player. You can also charge fees for spectators so that they can watch the entire winter games. Inform your cheering group to prepare a captivating performance during the opening ceremonies of the winter games. You can host these enjoyable activities once per year to maintain a good friendship with other community members.

  • Frosty the Snowman Building Competition

During the winter season, most of us experience snow. It is the perfect moment to host a friendly neighborhood competition and build the best snowman in town.

You can solicit some cash for each member of the community who wants to get involved in the competition. On the other hand, you can ask for donations.

Let your neighborhood decide for the best snowman in town by casting their vote during the event. Don’t forget to prepare new and exciting prizes for the grand winner.

  • Sell Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets are a simple but effective way to raise funds in your school. Inform your friends and family members to donate some items to raffle such as electronic gadgets, cellphones, oven toasters, and many more.

Arrange your cheering team to sell raffle tickets in a crowded place like shopping malls, parks, and restaurants. To add more convenience, you can try to sell those raffle tickets online or through social media.

  • Ice Skating Competition

There are lots of available ice skating rinks that build-up due to the formation of snows in your cities. Take this opportunity to set-up an ice skating competition in your community for the kids.

First, you need to announce the event ahead of time using social media or through brochures and flyers. Next, during the actual event, make sure the players have full personal protective gear. Force them to wear helmets, knee pads, and gloves to avoid significant injuries.

You need to charge each participant a registration fee. The collected funds will go to your cheering club or any of your school organizations. Also, this money can be used to generate ice-breaking prizes for the grand champion of skating competition.

Ice skating competitions can be organized once a year. Make sure to select the winter season to avoid fast thawing of the outdoor ice rink.

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