Common Metal Roofing Problems and How to Resolve Them

If you have a metal roofing installation, your fortunate to have one of the most durable and low-maintenance roofs on the market. However, resilient they are, problems will arise from time to time.

After all, with a 50-year or longer potential lifespan, a few issues are to be expected. Here are some common problems and how to take care of them.

Metal Roofing Leaks

By far, leaks are the most frequently experienced issue by both home and business owners, especially those with an older metal roofing installation.

Leaks often result from penetrations from severe storms or inappropriate installation techniques. Leaking causes damage beyond the roofing material, so repairs need to be made expediently.

Punctures and Tears

While they are highly resilient, metal roofing can be punctured in extreme environments. However, it is most often cause by foot traffic on the roof, which is more common in commercial environments.

Small punctures can often be caulked, but large tears and holes will likely require a professional roofer.

Ponding Water on Metal Roofs

Ponding is not exactly unusual, particularly on a flat metal roofing installation. However, ponding water that doesn’t evaporate within 48 hours of clear weather are indicative of a larger problem.

This could be due to warped materials, foundation compromises, structural issues or simply be a sign that it’s time to replace that section of the roof. Call a professional to get an opinion and an estimate.

Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Metal Roofing Installation

For starters, avoid foot traffic on the roof as much as possible. Keep nearby trees well trimmed to prevent falling on the roof’s surface. Be sure to have regular routine inspections and follow a well-executed maintenance and upkeep plan seasonally.

However, the best way to stave off problems is to begin with a professional roofer providing you with a top-notch metal roofing installation.

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