Common Orthopedic Workplace Injuries (Including Treatement Options, Like Surgery)

Orthopedic injuries are a common workplace problem that can impact an individual’s career in a variety of ways. The broad range of different possible injuries can be staggering to examine, which is why it is important to break down these concerns into a few simple and understandable categories. The following injuries are among the most common you’ll experience on the job.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many people in an office environment experience carpal tunnel syndrome, which can cause serious pain in their arms and hands. This problem requires getting a variety of treatment options, including braces and medication to help stop the pain. Surgery helps out by eliminating the source of this problem and providing individuals with a stronger and healthier arm and hand.

Torn Rotator Cuffs

People performing regular and repetitive actions at their job may tear their rotator cuff. This cuff exists around the shoulders and can cause serious pain and even an inability to work properly. Treatment typically includes surgery and then physical therapy to manage this potentially long-term problem. With proper care, it should be possible to get back to work with minimal trouble.

Torn ACL

The ACL is an important ligament in the knee that may tear if you put too much strain on it. When this happens, you may find your balance is thrown off, and you can’t work as properly as you could in the past. As a result, it is critical to rest this injured knee, get physical therapy, and consider surgery if the ACL doesn’t heal. Surgery may take some time to recover from properly.

Torn Meniscus

This important cartilage in the knee is often put under heavy stress in many work environments. When it tears or breaks, it could make it impossible for a person to walk and perform their day-to-day tasks. Without it, your knee is going to move rather awkwardly and poorly. Surgery is typically required for severe cases, though braces may help many people stabilize the area properly.

Other Orthopedic Issues

Many other common orthopedic problems may impact your health and recovery. These concerns will vary based on your health and your work needs. Just a few that you may experience include:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Serious Ankle and Foot Sprains
  • Stress Fractures Throughout the Body
  • Dislocated Shoulder or Elbow
  • Severe Wrist Fracture or Dislocation

Treatment for these issues will vary based on your current health situation. Often, repairs and surgery may be necessary, though braces are often tried first for a more conservative approach option. Your treatment therapist can give you more information about this facet of your recovery.

Get Treatment ASAP

If you’re experiencing any of these troubles, and you want to keep your body strong and healthy, seriously consider getting help from a trusted orthopedic professional. There are many different options from which you can choose here, including Orthowestmount in Montreal or other teams. Whichever group you pick, make sure that you feel comfortable working with them for the long haul.

David Curry

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