Common terminologies which every poker player should know


Poker is one of the casino games which requires proper use of strategies. Your wins can depend on the strategies you use while playing the game in situs Judi online. But before that, you have to know the different terminologies which are used in poker.

Buy in and burn

Buy-in the term used for the minimum amount of coins or chips which you need to have to play poker in casinos. The buy-in may vary across different casinos and it is better to confirm it from your casino before playing the game.

There is a person who deals the cards to the players and they are called dealers. The dealers generally remove the top card from the deck or face it down so that the players are aware of the card and its value. This is called the burn.


All the cards in poker have their functions and are called by particular names. The first couple of cards that every player gets are called the hole cards. The cards which are placed on the table by the players are called the community cards as those cards are shared by showing them to all the players. However, if three community cards are facing up, it would be called a flop. If another community card succeeds the three community cards, the card is then called the turn or the fourth street. The next community card is called the fifth street or the river.


You have to call to match your opponent’s bet in poker. If you place a higher bet than your opponent, it will be called a raise. Otherwise, it will be called a check or a zero bet. If you feel that you have no chance of winning, you can leave the game by placing all your cards on the table and this is called the fold. When you lack the required number of chips to call a raise, you can go for the everything bet. Here, winning will reward you with winnings that are equivalent to your placed bet. When a round of poker ends, the casino will keep some percentage of the placed bet as a percentage. This is commonly known as the rake.


Players who hear these terms for the first time when playing poker in situs Judi online may be confused. Therefore, being aware of these terms will prevent you from being awkward in front of others.


Clare Louise

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