Complete guide on how to choose solitaire ring

We all know that the term engagement signifies the day of the declaration, as well as the time which separates the said day from that of the marriage. The engagement ring is the jewel not to be overlooked. It represents the immediacy of an elusive love that you offer for eternity to your beloved. It is therefore up to you, gentlemen, to ask your dear and loving hand for help, and to make this request original, romantic, unexpected or even surprising. It’s up to you to be creative and inventive for this unforgettable moment. The engagement ring will be the proof and the formalization of your love. It is therefore the most symbolic of all the jewelry you can offer to the woman in your life.

Engagement ring: history and meaning

The engagement ring does not only represent an ordinary ring, it is THE symbol of love, the big leap before D-Day. It carries your feelings, strong, intense and powerful towards it. Nothing is left to chance and this is why the company supports you in this essential process and helps you choose the engagement ring in white gold, yellow gold or platinum that will best match your tastes and preferences. You may be wondering how to choose the perfect engagement ring.

To facilitate your decision-making, you have several possibilities. You can select the ring according to your partner’s tastes, some like stones, others prefer a minimalist and discreet ring. Remember that she is supposed to wear it for a long time, so she must like it if she adorns her ring finger every day. You can also wink at your fiancée by choosing a ring whose stone would be her favorite color. If you are afraid of making a mistake, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional jeweler, who will guide your choice. You can also ask your partner’s friends for advice, because they know their tastes very well.

Once the model has been chosen, the artisan jewelers will use all their talent and ingenuity so that the jewel you have dreamed of is even more unique and authentic, in order to make this moment the most unforgettable moment. Take care of your way of showing her your love and offer an engagement ring that she will never tire of admiring on her finger.

The Diamond Solitaire Ring

When you have to choose a woman engagement ring, the first model that can come to your mind is the diamond solitaire. The latter is not only highly appreciated by almost all women, but can also be worn every day without disturbing. The diamond-set ring is therefore the most popular type of jewelry currently for marriage proposals. It represents a true and eternal love between two people. For such diamond rings you can go for the Alexander Sparks now. Find the perfect diamond rings there.

You can choose a ring made in white gold which can reveal the transparency and the sparkle of the diamond.

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The Sapphire Or Diamond Engagement Ring

The sapphire engagement ring has a very high value but is less expensive than that which is decorated with diamond. This type of ring offers you great resistance to all tests and allows you not to have to pay too much.

The ring with a sapphire has a unique color and specific inclusions that are really very original. You also have a choice of the association between the diamond sapphire. This is an original idea that can allow you to have a trendy and very shiny jewel.

The diamond is the symbol of purity, it is a material which has extraordinary qualities. It can be highlighted, mounted on a silver or gold ring, or simply mounted on women’s necklaces. Before proceeding to the purchase of a ring set with a diamond, we will see its characteristics.

The characteristics of diamonds

The choice of a ring set with a diamond must be made with care, so that your jewelry lasts as long as possible. Diamond is a mineral. Its material makes it a hard material and its color must be opaque or translucent. There are several qualities in diamonds: Its purity Diamonds often have impurities that are natural. The origin of these impurities will determine the degree of quality of the stone. Its size The size of a diamond varies. For a wedding ring, we will choose it quite small, which will give elegance and finesse to the jewelry. Then, the size will depend on the budget you have set aside. Its color The diamond can be from a translucent white to yellowish white. Know that the less it has color the more it is of quality. The weight The weight expressed in carats will determine the size of the diamond. One carat weighs 0.2g. You have therefore understood, the price of this precious stone will depend on the number of carats.

How to choose your diamond ring?

White gold is an alloy of metals. If your choice is for white gold, know that it will be more fragile than yellow gold. It will then be necessary to take care of it so that the rhodium plating does not diminish over time. Instead, choose 18-karat gold, the quality of which will be better. When you have chosen the metal, the model will be made according to your personality and especially your budget.

Solitaire has always been the most offered engagement ring. The diamond symbol of eternal love is at the origin of this preference.

Even if it remains a great classic, there are all kinds of models. So how do you choose and be sure to make your lover happy when you ask?


The first step is to determine a range for your budget, which may help you in your selection. The price of a solitaire is determined by the stone, its weight, its quality and its setting. At the same price you can find solitaires with diamonds of completely different sizes. We advise you to focus on quality rather than the “spectacular” side. Do not hesitate to read our subject on diamonds.


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