Create a Beautiful, Low Maintenance Yard

During the summer, you appreciate the outdoor areas of your home as much as the inside. Most importantly, you want your yard to be effortless, so you can spend time enjoying it rather than working on it. After years of water restrictions, many Californians have turned to xeriscaping, but that is not the only good option. Here are some ways to have a great yard, conserve water and enjoy every moment of your summer.


Nothing looks quite as inviting as a lush, green lawn. Unfortunately, grass needs constant care. Mowing, weeding and feeding are necessary all year long. Furthermore, years of drought in California have shown grass to be impractical. You can get all the beauty of grass without the weekly maintenance if you install an artificial grass lawn Thousand Oaks. You can choose from several varieties, even trying samples before deciding.


It is almost always a good idea to plant trees. Trees clean the air, beautify the neighborhood and may even help you live longer, so be sure to include trees in your landscape design. Check out the University of California Davis website to find the trees, shrubs and flowers that grow best in this area. The Valley Oak is native to the Thousand Oaks region, and its low water needs make it an excellent choice for yards that could use a little shade. For extra color, add a Crape Myrtle or Washington Hawthorn.


Flowers are a great way to infuse a landscape with color. Flowering shrubs can add varying heights and textures along with color. For low maintenance, use planters and decorative containers rather than planting in the ground. That cuts down on weed and pest issues, and allows you to move plants to new locations as you please. Reserve at least a few planters for colorful annuals that you can change out each year. You may try all purple shades one year, then switch to a riot of color the next. For very little time and money, you can have a great deal of fun. I find that Little Red Dot Florist provides the best condolence flowers delivery in Singapore!

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