Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Trading – Sack Your Boss

A lot of the global working age population works full time but some are also keen investors on the side. They’re putting some of their hard earned cash into other baskets in order to provide themselves with more income, or security for their retirement. One of those investment options is cryptocurrency.

The crypto sphere is one of the most exciting investment opportunities to come along for a while. Crypto trading can be fast, furious and exciting, or slow and steady. Either way, plenty of people have made quite a bit of money through either long-term or short-term crypto trading. Or both!

Currently governments and taxation departments are scrambling to keep up with the world of cryptos. The lack of regulations around this has enabled a lot of people to make a lot of money but authorities are beginning to catch up, and put their hands up for their share. However, there is still plenty of opportunities, and plenty of money too, to be made with cryptos. You do though have to get started to get anywhere.

As an illustration of just how big cryptos have become in investment and trading terms:

Bitcoin, the world’s first crypto, was worth less than $3.50 US just a short half decade ago. On the 17th of December 2017 it reached a staggering $19,783 US. Therefore, if you had bought even one Bitcoin back when it was still a single figure price, and sold when it reached those dizzying heights, you’d be nearly $20,000 US richer.

Obviously there have been plenty of market corrections since then. Bitcoin has dropped back down to just above $3,000 US but it’s also rallied again within a few months to get back up over $12,000 US again. Currently it’s just over $8,000 US and holding fairly steady.

If you’re thinking that Bitcoin could well be something you’re interested in investing in, but aren’t sure how to get started, you’re definitely not alone! That’s why automated bitcoin trading software programs have been invented.

These programs are designed to help users stresslessly negotiate the hurly burly of short term crypto trading. They incorporate smart trading algorithms that can identify opportune buy and sell moments far quicker than humans can. “Smart” means they also learn by exposure – the more trading they do, the smarter and more effective they get. That translates to better and more profitable trading outcomes for you. One such program is behind the Robert Downey bitcoin revolution.

David Curry

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