Digital Marketing with Business Buy Sell Portals in India

Owing to the increasing ease of doing business, India has been attracting local and foreign investors to start a business. However, registering a company in the country is a fairly long process which comes with various confusions. To avoid that, many investors have been looking to buy existing businesses.

The Challenges of Buying and Selling a Business in India

If you want to sell or buy a business in India, let us tell you that it isn’t going to be very straightforward as in other developed nations.

For starters, even if India is a big country, finding business for sale isn’t an easy thing to do. You will have to contact brokers, most of whom have expensive commissions. Furthermore, these brokers operate in limited areas and as India is a very big country, theoretically, you will need to contact hundreds of brokers to compare between businesses in different locations. 

It isn’t only difficult for buyers, but for sellers as well. Sellers may want to sell their company, but if their brokers don’t agree with the prices with the buyers, they may have to unnecessarily hold the sale without even knowing. In other words, they may be desperate to sell their company and there may be people who would buy their companies, but they are not able to find buyers easily.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Very Straightforward as Well

If there is one thing that leading business advisors will tell you about selling your business, it is to keep it a secret. You shouldn’t let your customers, suppliers, or in some cases, even employees know that the ownership is changing hands. This is to be done to avoid the circulation of any negative comments and breakage of the relationships that your business has forged.

When we talk about digital marketing, it is done to help a company develop its brand and sell to a lot of people in the lowest time. Even if digital marketing can be viable for selling products, it may not be as effective for selling a company, as again- you need to keep it a secret as much as you can.

So, you need to be careful when using digital marketing. One wrong move, and the news of your company’s sale can slip off, reaching the ears of the people whom you would rather not know about the sale of your business.

Business Buy Sell Portals are the Answer

These days, some of the biggest and positively rated business buy sell portals, for example, Easy Buy Sell Business have started operations in India. They can be compared to the business buy and sell version of Amazon; as they let business owners list their business for sale, and help buyers with their business takeover.

The benefits of such portals are immense. First, they bring business buyers and sellers to a common ground. These sites are mostly only accessed by business people, so you can reach a maximum number of potential buyers, without the news getting to everyone’s ears. On the other hand, as a buyer, you will get a chance to compare businesses in various parts of India, and invest in the one that you think is viable, without the bureaucracy of brokers. 





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