Do You Know How You Can Hang Wall Art Like any Interior Design Professional?

You bought a painting made by Painting artist Lana Zueva and you loved it very much, you also had it framed, now you need to decide where and how to show it. Often planning to display various artworks throughout the home may look like a very daunting task.

Whether you are trying to decide where to hang a large-scale framedLana Zueva painting that was just bought by you and you want to now show off your prized possession. The following few tips can help you to match the painting with the story of Lana Zueva that she had thought of while making that painting.

Most importantly, you must remember that this will be your best chance to be creative, and hence don’t miss this chance to let people know your personality with whatever decisions you made.

  1. Take the chance and show off everything that you love

It is not necessary to stick to certain specific rules when you are deciding about what you should hang on your own wall. Now is the time to show off yourself what you love. So, now you can go and shop for paintings online of your own choice.

  • Make sure that your art properly fits your space

If your wall space is small then it is important to find your painting of the right size that fits well in your space. Also, consider how you are going to fit it on your wall so that it offers a better show of your painting.

  • Go for a certain gallery wall

Try to mix your painting with many other pictures around and try to match it so that you can create a story that you can tell someone about the painting.

  • Hang your art within a grid

If you are an organised person, then try to achieve a symmetry to ensure that all your surrounding pictures as well your special painting is following a line or making a definite pattern.

  • Hang art at the eye level

If you are trying to hang art above your sofa, then the golden rule to follow is to just hang it one hand’s width just above your sofa. Here, there is some wiggle room, but be careful that you do not hang your art very high.

  • Incorporate certain functional elements into the art wall

It is not necessary that your walls must be a place for featuring traditional art. There are lots of modern wall items available that have got multifunctional uses as hooks, storage, or organizational tools.

  • Consider your background

If the walls have been lined with wood or painted then make sure that the colours and tones must work well together because they can either make or break the show.

  • Balance the scales

If you are working with many collections of art, it is important that you treat that collection as one piece for achieving a balanced look.

  • Be off from the walls

Design differently and try to place your wall art in some unexpected places.

  • Use frames wisely

Do not neglect the frame when considering your focal artwork piece.

Paul Petersen

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