Dominican Republic and Haiti: 4 Reasons You Should Visit

Travel to Haiti and Visit Dominican Republic for All the Right Reasons

If you ever needed a reason to motivate yourself to finally getaway this season, here are 4 that’ll have the needle on your compass pointing directly towards La Hispaniola.

  1. Relaxation

After a rather hectic year, most people just want to kick up their feet, order a Cuba Libre, and nod-off on a Chaise lounge to the rhythm of Congas on a secluded beach like:

  • Punta Ruciaand Cabarete Beach, Puerto Plata, D.R.
  • Chouchou Bay Beachin Port Margot, Haiti
  • Coco or Belli Beach in Cap-Haitien

If you’re a lover of the sea, travel to Haiti or visit Dominican Republic via CruiseShip and stop at Amber Cove in Maimon, D.R., or drop anchor at Labadie Beach in Cabo Haitiano.

But if you want a more private experience, sail off and around the pristine Isla Catalina Southeast of La Hispaniola, or out west to the dreamy Island of Gonave in Haiti on a Catamaran Tour.

  1. Party Life

Now that you’ve relaxed enough, it’s time to rinse the sand off your sandals and jump right into your nightwear, as you won’t want to miss the annual celebration of Fete Gede in Port-au-Prince, or the month-long Dominican and Haitian Carnaval processions commemorating Taino Heritage.

Along the inner-city streets, you’re sure to find Dominicans cooking up delicious pots of Salcocho (Dominican Stew) on the sidewalks or street corners, while Haitians prepare Bouyon Bef (Haitian Beef Sew) and Griot.

And for the best nights out, hit the town in Santo Domingo to the Colonial Zone, or to the town of Petion-Ville in Haiti for Drinks, Fine Dining, and live entertainment.

On the North Coast, visit the province of Puerto Plata, home to party towns like Sosua and Cabarete that stay up all night.

  1. Nature

The Hispaniola is geographically rich with record-breaking peaks like Pico Duarte and Pic La Selle, it’s home to the Caribbean’s largest lakes Lago Enriquillo and Lake Azuei, and a haven for rare and Endangered endemic wild life, like the illusive Hutia.

Throughout its Southern Caribbean coasts, you’ll see the likes of Pink Flamingos and Manatees, while in the Northern Atlantic waters, graceful Humpback Whales reunite for mating in warmer waters.

  1. Adventure and Exploration

For that little “Indiana Jones” in you, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have extensive cave systems to explore, once held sacred by the pre-Colombine Taino era like the Caves of Pomier and the spectacular Grotte Marie Jeanne.

To get your adrenaline pumping, you can go zip lining or 4 wheelings through the wooded areas in Jarabacoa, D.R., and paragliding in Mountrouis, Haiti for the not-so faint of heart.

And let’s not leave out the challenging hiking tours to majestic waterfalls at Salto de Limon in Samana and Bassin Bleu in Jacmel.

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