Don’t make these mistakes after a car accident in Texas!

An unfortunate, sudden car accident can completely disrupt your life. If you suffer serious injuries, this could mean months in recovery with mounting financial losses. Right after an accident or crash, people involved often make common mistakes, which impacts their rights and ability to get a fair compensation. It is important that you know your rights and duties, and in your best interests, it is wise to contact a reliable Houston car accident attorney. In this post, we are sharing top mistakes you must avoid. 

  1. Running way. No matter your circumstances, you should never ever run away from the accident scene. Don’t believe anyone who tries to talk you out of calling the police of waiting for help. Once the police arrive at the scene, wait for them to give you a nod to leave. 
  2. Not reporting the crash. In case a police officer didn’t investigate the matter, you are required to file a report of the accident with 10 days, according to Texas laws. This applies to any accident that resulted in personal injuries and/or property damage, regardless of fault. 
  3. Apologizing for the accident. No matter what or who caused the accident, never ever apologize or admit mistakes at the accident site. In most cases, it is even unfair to blame one party, so whatever personal judgment you may have, the same may have no bearing later. Your apology may be used for proving your fault. 
  4. Agreeing to the first settlement. If the insurance company knows that their part was at fault, their claims adjuster may call you with an offer. Don’t be tricked into accepting whatever is being offered, because it is likely to be way lesser than what you deserve. It is always wise to talk to an attorney, to know the worth of your claim. 
  5. Not calling an attorney. While you don’t have to hire an accident attorney by law, you definitely need to consult one. An experienced accident attorney in Texas can guide on your rights, handle the paperwork, and ensure that your interests are protected. Your lawyer can also look into the tactics used by insurance company to reduce your claim.

Don’t let the shock of an accident impact the compensation you may deserve. Find an accident attorney who is known, reliable, and is available. The good news is most personal injury lawyers in Houston may agree to take accident your case on a contingency basis.

Clare Louise

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