Easiest Solutions for Bumper Repair: What Is the Most Dependable Solution?

Bumper damage is one of the most common car damages. Stone chips, a post, a collision with another car or the tow bar of another car can cause scratches, dents or cracks in your bumper. Bumper damage happened quickly and very annoying.

Damage to a bumper is not only detrimental to the appearance of your car, bumper damage is also detrimental to your safety. The purpose of a bumper is to absorb the first blow in an accident or collision and to protect cyclists and pedestrians. Another purpose of the bumper is to slow the impact in the event of a collision, for you as a passenger. That is why it is wise to have damage to your bumper repaired in time to ensure your own safety. In addition to your own safety, most new car bumpers are equipped with driver assistance systems, such as sensors and cameras, to ensure that these also work properly, a quick recovery is important.

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Bumper Damage Repair Methods

There are several types of damage that can occur to your bumper. These also require another repair. Let’s discuss them below.

How Much Does Plastic Bumper Repair Cost?

If there is a dent in the bumper, smaller than a two euro coin, and no paint damage has occurred, the restyling repair method is carried out. The bumper is then heated so that the dent can be dented. This method is also known as dent removal without spraying. It’s a quick and fairly inexpensive way to repair bumper damage. Is there any paint damage? Then spot repair is used for minor damage. This is a method to locally remove small scratches. In the case of greater damage, the damage is sanded, putty and varnished.

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Do you have a crack in your bumper? Then professionals usually dent it first and then mill out the crack. This ensures that the repair material adheres better. Then professionals weld the crack closed with the same material as the bumper is made of. Finally, professionals sand the spot, paint the bumper in the original color, let it dry and polish it so that the bumper can be mounted on the car again. After this, your bumper will be like new again.

Replace Bumper

It is also possible that the damage to your bumper is so extensive, for example after an accident, that it can no longer be repaired. In that case, professionals will replace the bumper in its entirety. Professionals always use original new bumpers for this.

Repair Plastic Bumper

In the past, bumpers were made of steel. If this was damaged, this meant a total replacement of the bumper. It’s a very expensive repair for one of the most common damages. Common bumper damage is: stone chips, scuffs, dents and cracks.

Nowadays, new cars are made with plastic or polyester bumpers, which makes repair easier and, above all, cheaper. A plastic bumper is often made of a mix of materials with ABS plastic, polyester or composite as the main material. These materials provide more resilience of your bumper. If you hit a post with your bumper, in many cases the bumper will return to its original shape.


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