Easy Fundraisers for Preschoolers

Almost every parent’s problem is the continuously increasing cost of education. In the United States, the cost to operate a preschool center increases every year. Unfortunately, pay rates seem to get left behind by the increasing cost of education. To cope up with this problem, many parents look for easy fundraisers for preschool. Fundraisers need not be difficult to organize, and more importantly, the cost to startup must be at the minimum, or better yet, no cost at all. When starting a fundraiser for kids, it has to be fun and family or kid-friendly. It is highly suggested that the kids must be involved in the activities. This way the children learn the value of charity work at an early age.

There are a lot of popular ideas when it comes to fundraising for preschool. You can organize an old t-shirt sale. Check your closet and you will find a ton of slightly used t-shirts. Kids, especially those in preschool tend to outgrow their clothes faster. You can even find unused old t-shirts hidden under new clothes. Such items will definitely sell like hotcakes on the sale day. The school grounds would be a nice location to place a booth. If you want to tap more supporters, the local church grounds may also be a good selling location. Churchgoers will definitely have the heart to support such cause. This may be coordinated with the local church officials.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

If you want an eco-friendly type of fundraiser for preschool, a tree-planting campaign may be organized. This may be done in a local park within the community or within the school (if there is space for tree planting). Such activity will benefit the environment. This involves not just the kids but the whole community. Adults can do the digging and the kids can get involved by letting them plant the seedlings. This way they also learn the importance of planting trees and taking care of the environment.

Another eco-friendly idea of a fundraiser for preschool is to encourage every family to plant vegetables in their backyard. Though this may need some waiting time for the harvest, it could be a continuous fundraising campaign. The idea is to sell the harvest to the locals and collect the proceeds for the fundraiser. But of course, the kids must be involved in the planting and selling. This helps the kids learn about the basics of doing business and charity.

Make the grade fundraiser is also popular in schools. This is one of the simplest forms of soliciting funds for a cause. A certain number of pledge sheets are distributed to willing sponsors. The sponsors will pledge a certain amount if a participating student makes a specific grade. This fundraiser inspires the students to bring out their best in their studies. This way students are directly involved in the fundraiser. Making the grade doesn’t just make the students proud but their parents as well.

Penny drive is another easy fundraiser for preschool centers. In today’s economy, many people have a hard time opening up their wallets to give or donate. With penny drive, people will not be able to feel that they are giving too much of their hard-earned money. This type of fundraiser can be best done in busy areas. It may be in a local park, supermarkets, shopping centers or other business establishments. Just make sure you coordinate the fundraiser to the proper authorities. A door-to-door solicitation may also be arranged in local communities.

There are plenty of fundraising ideas to think of but it is also important to consider how many people or possible supporters you can reach. Making people aware of the fundraiser for a preschool campaign is one key to collect the target fund. The key is to reach as many supporters to join and contribute to the project. Providing enough and proper advertising materials may do the trick. Old school methods of advertising can be used. Posters, flyers or leaflets can come in handy and cheap. By coordinating with school teachers or officials, local officials, organizations, and church groups, disseminating information about the project can be easily delegated.

With the use of technology, dissemination of information about fundraisers for preschool would be a piece of cake. E-mail marketing can be an effective way of reaching many supporters. However, there is always a risk of spamming using this method, so be cautious. Using social media could reach not just the people in your community. The fundraiser for the preschool campaign could be in any type of social media. Sharing campaigns for fundraisers through social media can reach a wide range of possible supporters.

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