Easy Outdoor Entertaining

Warm breezes and summer months are the perfect time to plan outdoor entertaining gatherings. Gather up neighbors, friends, families, or coworkers for a day of fun under the sun. There’s no better way to kick off the summer season. Follow these three easy steps to ensure your outdoor gathering is a real crowd-pleaser.


Analyze your back and front yards to select the best entertaining space. If you have a pool, consider if your guests will be swimming or simply sitting back to chat. Make sure your grass or patio spaces have ample chairs, tables, and lounge zones to provide space for conversation and laughter. Tall cocktail tables are great alternatives, or some may consider discount patio furniture ohio to outfit their space. Add tiki torches or outdoor lanterns to light up your space for an evening party. For afternoon soirees, make sure you have umbrellas or shady areas available for those wanting to escape the sun for a bit.

Food and Drink

Plan your party time around a big meal. Have friends over for an outdoor barbecue, poolside brunch, or dinner under the stars. Another option is to plan your outdoor gathering in between meals with heavy appetizers and snack options. This is a great alternative for busy families and children who can only stay at the party for a few hours. Regardless of your meal selection, stake out a section designated for drinks and desserts to keep everyone happy. Try serving up an alcohol-free mixed drink that’s fun for the whole family. Other crowd-friendly snack ideas include pretzel treats, gourmet popcorn, and mixed nuts or fruit. Invite friends and family to bring dips and treats to share.


Captivate the whole crowd with family-friendly outdoor games that engage everyone’s competitive spirit. If you have grassy space, consider splitting your party-goers into two teams to play team tag or hide and seek. You’ll bring out the inner child in everyone! Other ideas include a homemade obstacle course around your back yard, an engaging dance party, pool games, or a water balloon toss. Think about games that will be fun for children and adults to keep everyone entertained. Don’t forget to start a party-friendly music playlist before your guests arrive to set the mood for fun.

Captivate on the summer heat and throw a bash to remember! Once your party plans are set sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun!

David Curry

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