Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Keeping a close eye on your energy usage at home can help you save money and help you live more sustainably. Here are some things that you can do to appreciably enhance efficiency without sacrificing the things that you need.

Update Your Panel

Older electrical panels and fuse boxes are not as energy efficient as their newer counterparts. An upgrade and an energy saving device that regulates motors’ energy usage can spare your electrical system from having to use more power than it really needs. A licensed electrician can help you make this simple upgrade. If you need to find assistance with energy saver installation New Milford NJ, contact a company that has experience serving residential customers in your area.

Make Sure Every Light in Your Home Is LED

You can get LED lights that will fit into just about every type of residential lighting fixture, so you do not need to replace your home’s fixtures in order to equip your home with an energy-efficient lighting solution. LED bulbs cost more than the older bulbs which have been phased out of production, but they use a lot less power and last much longer.

Insulate Your Home

Thorough insulation is essential to efficient heating and cooling. The top level of a home is usually the most important area to insulate. Install insulation materials in your home’s attic or crawlspace that have adequate insulation. Foam is a good material choice because it is not very permeable and it can fit into any size gap.

If you notice big ups and downs in your electric bill, you should definitely consider making one or more changes to the way that you use energy. Being attentive to your usage can make a significant difference in the total annual cost of this key line item in your household’s monthly budget. 

Alison Lurie

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