Essential Facts About That Bodysuits Women Needs to Know

Nowadays, more women are loving their curves and embracing their bodies. They would have no qualms about showing their shape in whatever clothes they wear. Plenty of women are investing in a good-quality bodysuit to show off their figures.

In the past, women were ashamed to know more about bodysuits and other shapewear because they are not confident about wearing it. But in today’s landscape, women of different shapes and sizes are no longer afraid to look for the right one in stores. Find out more about this figure-hugging garment to help you spot the right one for you.

What Is a Bodysuit? 

This type of clothing is a one-piece skin-tight or form-fitting garment that usually covers the body from the crotch to the torso. Some of these garments also extend towards the legs, hands, and feet. Fashion experts usually describe it as a more fashionable form of leotard.

During the past years, bodysuits became a staple in the fashion scene because celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, and Ashley Graham wear them in public. They match it with a coverup, trench coat, or a pair of high-heeled boots.

How Did It Start? 

Fashion designer Claire McCardell presented the first bodysuit in the US after 1950 as an iteration of the leotard. It was initially worn as a T-shirt or a blouse. Pin-up model Bettie Page first wore it during the 1950s, and then it became signature attire used by Playboy Bunnies during the 1960s.

The popularity of this piece of clothing continued to surge, especially after pop culture icons like Wonder Woman wore it as a key component of their costume.

Do You Need One? 

Some women are not exactly comfortable wearing this piece of clothing, while others cannot go outside their homes without it. Some women need it to provide their bodies with better support. It can also help them with the appearance of bulges.

If you need to look flawless for an important event like weddings, parties, or during a job interview, you may invest in high-quality bodysuits made with Lycra or spandex. It will give you added confidence and a more defined body shape.

How to Choose the Best Size? 

Since this garment is supposed to be extremely tight, it can be challenging to find the right fit. Some women have disproportionate bodies, which means they can either have larger breasts and smaller hips or vice versa.

Some people have the wrong belief that you need to pick one that is one size smaller than you normally wear. It will only give you unsightly bulges and may tend to hurt you in the long run. So always ensure that you measure your size and try out the garment before purchasing.

How Do I Style It? 

You can wear a bodysuit alone as a bold fashion statement. But if you want to remain a little modest, you can use it as a layering garment.

This tight-fitting attire works well with skirts, pants, or denim jeans. It will depend on the event where you intend to wear it. If you want to wear it during formal occasions, you can match a black bodysuit with sequined tailored long skirts and stilettos. If you want to be more casual, wear comfy track pants and your favourite pair of sneakers.

Owning this garment allows you to mix and match it according to your needs. Whether you want to use bodysuits as underwear or as standalone attire, it will help you exude high levels of confidence as you rock your outfit for the day.

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