Essential Things You Must Know About Permanent Resident in Singapore

Life is more fulfilling when you go out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone may be your current job, the place where you grew up, an environment where you’re familiar with the people, or your home country. If you feel like a robot every day: something like waking up, going to work from nine to six, same routine, same events and same people.

When it makes you happy, then stick with it. If not, and it itches you to try something new, it’s better to go out of your comfort zone right after reading this article! Remember, life is short, and every second counts, so make use of it productively.

When working abroad comes into your mind, you might choose countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and, of course, Singapore. All of these countries are full of opportunities because of their resources. Hence, if your final choice is Singapore, let this article guide you about a permanent resident or PR application in Singapore.

Why Move to Singapore?

Before you apply for your PR Singapore online, you must know why Singapore is one of the best countries to start a new life. For this reason, you will feel confident about your decision to move to the country. Plus, many foreigners are living in Singapore. It shows that it is a place where opportunities should be equal for everyone.

So, here are more reasons that can inspire you to apply for PR in Singapore!


  • Career Opportunities – Singapore’s economy is thriving and continues to grow. Plus, it is an international hub where companies can prosper because of a corrupt-free government. If you want to improve your career development, Singapore is the place to nurture your skills.
  • Life Quality – Security and Healthcare – Do you like to party and go home late at night? Don’t worry! Singapore is a safe place to live. The country has a low crime rate.
  • Quality Education – If you want more knowledge about your chosen professional field, you can enrol in a university or college in Singapore. They have a quality education that nurtures people. It is also a valid reason when submitting your PR application because of the education opportunities.
  • Expat Community – Singapore has a large number of expats working or studying in the country. It means you can meet different people and make friends with them!
  • The Culture – Singapore is a diverse country. You can see the influence of Chinese, Malay, Indians, and Western culture on their cuisine, history, and trademark places. When you apply for PR in Singapore, you can immerse yourself in the culture every day!

Now, you should know more about being a permanent resident in Singapore. It includes the benefits, meaning, and other necessary information.


Moving to Singapore: What is PR?

Now that you have a solid foundation on why you should move to Singapore. It’s better to know if PR is better for your situation. So, let this section help you learn more about being a permanent resident before going to a PR application agency in Singapore.


PR is Different From Citizenship

For some, they might get confused between PR and citizenship. Keep in mind that citizenship has different requirements and qualifications. Indeed, there are more benefits to citizenship than being a PR. However, you can still enjoy some benefits as a permanent resident of Singapore.  If you need more help with PR, allow a PR application agency in Singapore to assist you with the process.

The Qualification for PR

Before you apply for PR in Singapore, you should be familiar with the qualifications and requirements. This way, you can increase your chances of getting approval. To help you, here are some of the things to qualify for a permanent resident:

  • You are a spouse of a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Legally adopted by a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You have parents who are Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Studying in Singapore
  • A foreign investors
  • Holder of Employment Pass or S Pass

There are also other considerations, such as your length of stay, family background, commitment to Singapore, etc. That’s why it’s better to look for a PR application agency that can help you throughout the process.

Let’s look at the positive side. Once you get approval, you should expect the benefits you can gain as a PR holder. Better continue reading to know the benefits you will experience.


Benefits of Being a PR in Singapore

Singapore is a member of the four tigers of Asia. For this reason, they have innovative technology, rapid growth, competitive professional fields, job opportunities, and others. With this knowledge, it’s evident that you’ll get benefits once you get approval for your PR application in Singapore.

  • Career Stability -When you have PR privileges, you won’t worry about reapplying for work permits. With this, you can explore more job opportunities that will help your professional growth.
  • Housing Opportunities – When you have a successful PR application with the help of your PR application agency, you’ll find housing opportunities at a low-cost price. You can get a second-hand HDB flat for your accommodation.
  • Safe Environment – Since you’ll be staying in Singapore for good, you’ll get to experience living in a safe environment. You can go out at night without worrying about bad people lurking around the city.
  • One Step Closer to Citizenship – You have to maintain your permanent resident status for at least two years before you achieve citizenship status. Hence, let a PR immigration agency help you apply for a PR application and open you to more opportunities.
  • Financial Stability – When you’re successful with your PR application, you can start planning for your financial future. In Singapore, there are many ways to be financially stable with their Central Provident Fund.

Gather your courage and go out of your comfort zone by living in a new environment! Let Singapore be your first choice for your professional and personal growth. Achieve more goals with permanent resident status in Singapore. So, allow Singapore Immigration Partners, a PR immigration agency that helps people start a new beginning.

Visit their website to know more about your PR application.

Paul Petersen

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