Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Bedsheet For Your Bedroom

A bedsheet is needed in every bedroom, and it’s now recognised as a topic of aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, many people purchase bedsheets for their rooms based on their moods and taste. The type of bedsheets you lay in can say a lot about your personality. Having a designer bedsheet for your recently bought Queen Mattress can incorporate a stylish hint to your bedroom. Here are the following factors that you need to consider before you purchase a bedsheet for your bedroom:

Weave Type and Thread Count

Thread count represents the number of woven threads per square inch. For this factor, the greater the thread count means, the greater the quality. You should opt for bedsheets with at least 140 thread count. Here are the following weave types:

  • Damask and Jacquard woven bedsheets are very intricate in design and are known as a superior variant.
  • Twill weave is kind of heavy, but they get a lesser possibility of being wrinkled
  • The satin weave is soft and silky, but it lacks durability.
  • Standard weave with at least 150 thread count is known as smooth and soft.


When it comes to bedsheets, patterns differ from checks to solids, stripes to florals, and much more. But 3D patterns are the latest trend in the realm of bedsheet patterns. The prints on 3D bedsheets can incorporate a nice feature to your bedroom.


Bedsheets come in various sizes, including king, queen, double, and single size beds. Make sure to know your bed’s size to choose which bedsheet will be most suitable to use. Also, don’t forget to measure your Queen Mattress and incorporate two inches on every side since you should get enough fabric to nicely tuck it in. If you’re planning to purchase cotton bedsheets, then purchase a larger size since it tends to shrink over time. 

Printed or Plain

When you have decorative designs or prints on your walls and furniture, it’s best to choose a plain bedsheet. On the other hand, if your walls or decors don’t have any decoration and plain furniture, opt for printed bedsheets to incorporate some jazz. 


Nowadays, bedsheets come in an extensive variety of selections, from poly cotton to pure cotton and blended ones. In countries with a humid climate, cotton bed sheets are the best to invest in since they are comfortable and cool.  

The most expensive bedsheet is a pure cotton bedsheet. Its anti-allergic properties, softness, and its overall quality are what make this fabric supreme. However, it’s only flaw is that they usually shrink over a while. 

The most affordable option accessible today is a pure polyester bedsheet. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to eliminate stains from such bedsheet type. An Egyptian cotton bedsheet is one of the premium and durable bedsheet types. These bedsheets do not shed lint, pull or form fluff on old fabrics. A silk bedsheet is long-lasting and smooth. However, it needs to be properly maintained or else the fabric will eventually shrink and lose its shine. 

There are other bedsheets available today. However, you should choose one according to your area’s climatic conditions. 


If you want to be comfortable as you rest in your room after a long day, do not hesitate to refer to this guideline to ensure that you will have the ideal and the most suitable bedsheet based on your mattress. 


Alison Lurie

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