Few Questions That You Must Ask Any Commercial Flooring Company

Often selecting any commercial flooring company can be very time-consuming and strenuous. There are many different factors that you need to consider while making your decision. Of course, your flooring installation contractors will try to impress you, however, you must ask them a few questions and based on their answers you can arrive at the right decision.

The following are a few questions that you can ask while choosing any commercial flooring company, and their answers can help you to make your decision easier.

  • What is your track record?

You must start your interview by asking this question so that you know the complete detailed background about the company. You may also ask him to offer a few references and any trustworthy company will readily share the same.  

  • Are you insured and also certified?

Ensure that the company that you are dealing with is a licensed and also insured company to avoid any kind of issues later. Never hire if the company cannot show these.

  • Do you also charge for flooring estimates?

Usually, most companies will prefer to offer a free quote, but a few of them may charge a fee which will be adjusted when you will make your final payment after the job is done.

  • What types of flooring options do you offer?

You may not have so many detailed ideas about flooring options and by asking this question, you will get an opportunity to know what are various options available. 

  • Can you handle any subfloor issues?

Your flooring contractor must have enough idea about handling subfloor issues and by asking this question you will know whether any extra floor sanding will be needed while handling subfloors.

  • What is your workflow?

While hiring any flooring contractor, it is always important to know whether his current work schedule can meet with your schedule or not. You need to go for one who can start your work immediately.

  • Do you offer any warranty?

Almost every company will offer at least one-year warranty and quite a few may offer a few more too. You must be clear about the conditions for the warranty that they will offer.

  • Will you provide any cleaning and maintenance instructions?

You will certainly want to maintain your flooring in the best conditions and hence would like to know whether the maintenance will be a simple or very tedious activity. 

  • Can you share a portfolio of your completed projects?

Any well-reputed contractor will readily share the portfolio of their past works, however, if you notice any kind of resistance and hesitation on the part of your contractor then better stay away from him. 

  • Are there any hidden extra costs?

When your contractor offers you their priced quotation then you must confirm whether it is their final price or there is any scope of change under different conditions.

You can find the name and addresses of many commercial flooring contractors from the website of Flooring Domain where an online directory will be available for you to choose. 

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