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It’s worrying how resting can cause people so much guilt. Admit it; you tend to regret taking a step away from work to breathe. One’s daily needs, such as food and sleep, are often overlooked for the sake of productivity.

If you’re not mindful, the thought of work can ruin your life’s simple pleasures. For instance, you’re eating a tasty meal in a restaurant you’ve wanted to try, but once you realize there’s an unfinished task that needs your attention, you quicken your pace, and the food turns tasteless.

This toxic way of thinking sprouted from a culture in which one’s worth is based on one’s achievements. It’s as if your life is being chased by time; thus, the constant anxiety is looming behind you.

It’s difficult to see the beauty around- to live- when you’re plagued with worry. You can be living in the picturesque state of Utah, but that will mean nothing if your mind is elsewhere. Keeping your mind off from work does not require a total lifestyle overhaul. You can start little by little. It can be as simple as lighting a scented candle upon your arrival at home or buying a comfortable mattress in American Fork to give you better sleep.

Your apartment should be your resting place. Here are some easy tips to make your apartment more of a home than an extension of your office:

  1. Play with scents to change your mood.

It has been proven that aromatherapy is an effective way to battle stress. Having a humidifier at home is an easy way to help you relax instantly as you do your activities as usual.

Choose a scent that puts you in a good mood, like cinnamon, which is reminiscent of Christmas or peppermint, which reminds you of a spa. Also, try placing a lavender oil diffuser in your bedroom for a perfect night of sleep.

1. Try cooking a simple meal.

Some consider cooking as a therapeutic activity. If you can’t help but think about work, perhaps cooking will take enough space in your head for you to forget about it.

You can start by experimenting with chicken breast, a meat that is fairly easy to cook. It’s perfect as an accompaniment to a salad which you can prepare by tossing together your favorite greens. Just drizzle it with store-bought sesame dressing, then you’re set. You can also use the chicken for your cream-based pasta. The possibilities areendless.

2. Make your bath extra special.

You can take a shower and be done with it. Since bathing is a necessity, turn it into your daily me-time by choosing shower gel and shampoo that make you feel luxurious.

It’s even better if you can soak in the tub. Add essential oils into the water and light those scented candles. To heighten the experience, play relaxing music and bring that bottle of wine with you.

3. Drink your tea in between the chaos.

It’s known that tea has fantastic health benefits—from controlling the risk of heart diseases to increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. In addition to all of its benefits, the act of drinking tea is relaxing. It gives you the time to pause and slow down, enough for you to head back to your tasks with a clearer mind and lighter spirit

“Don’t feel guilty for resting” is a statement that is easier said than done. However, it wouldn’t hurt to believe it, one step at a time.

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