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The games we play can give an insight into how we like to be entertained. It also gives us insights into how people like to have fun with certain groups of people. And in the subcategory of card games, that also rings true. For example, classic card games like poker conjures the image of casinos and gambling, but they’re also played worldwide by people of all ages. We have your family-friendly games, that you play with relatives and younger siblings, or card games that you play in parties with a group of friends. There are even numerous formats that card games come in. Nowadays, card games are increasingly becoming more high-tech, passing the traditional “card” format entirely– you can now play with players from across the globe in virtual formats, though physical card games are still the most popular formats.

One of these card game categories are trading card games, which are exciting concepts that, compared to other card games categories, are fairly new. There’s a lot of things that set them apart from other card games– so what are they, exactly?

What’s a trading card game?

Trading card games, or TCG for short, are a type of card game that have more complex rules and gameplay than many other kinds of card game. Typically, TCG gameplay is very strategy-based: it relies on a combination of mixing and matching cards by way of building decks, and of the ability of the players to use the cards’ features or “powers” to their advantage. This gameplay is aided by how trading card games are structured.

TCGs are also called collectible card games because the game is also structured much differently from other card games. Classic card games are played with a standard 52-card deck, while other card games can be played with smaller decks.Trading card games, on the other hand, continuously add content in the form of new material, new cards, and new things to watch out for. The card list of a typical TCG is vast. Some TCG cards are very valuable in their community because of their rarity.

TCGs are an actively growing and evolving game, which makes gameplay that much more exciting and unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get when you play against someone you don’t know– and neither will they.

How can you know if a trading card game is good?

Each trading card game might differ from one title to the next but essentially, they are all the same at its core: you’re not just buying a game, you are buying a whole experience, one that you will sink a lot of time and money into. You have to be as careful about it as you would when you pick up a new hobby.

Everyone may be looking for different things when it comes to playing trading card games, but here are some general characteristics players look for when they want to try out a TCG:

  • Ease of Entry. Most trading card games are hard to get into because of its gameplay mechanics. If you’re a beginner, you might feel daunted by a game that requires a lot of in-depth knowledge to master and enjoy. It’s more of a “your mileage may vary” option, though– you might also prefer harder games to play, in which case, more complex mechanics will draw your attention. Do your research and see what other people have to say about the game.
  • Preferences. Remember, playing TCGs is an experience. Deciding on what game to play is also a matter of personal preference, and about what you think about the card game: do you like the aesthetics of the game? Do you think the card game’s lore, art, or other fun extras speak out to you? For example, Cardfight!! Vanguard is a sci-fi and anime-based card game, which is perfect for those who love those genres.
  • Price. This is a huge deciding factor in choosing whether to play a game. Sometimes playing TCGs can be very pricy! Many people spend thousands of dollars to purchase decks. A few popular TCGs require you to purchase new decks to be able to play the game well. A game like Cardfight!! Vanguard will allow you to only focus on the card you want to get.
  • Updates and Community. Trading card games are best enjoyed with other players. Most enthusiasts of every big TCG have organized into communities that regularly talk about and play the game. One of the things you can look forward to is meeting the people who share your love for the game you have. What are the kinds of events you can look forward to, and what new and exciting stuff is in store? Some communities are more active than others.

 Now that you know more about TCGs and Cardfight!! Vanguard, why not do your own research and see what else you can find out? Visit Cardfight!! Vanguard’s site to know more about where you can find CFV in TCG shops near you!

Clare Louise

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