Fine Choices for Optimizing Photos Online

Good photos belong on a website. They help you tell the story about your business and your services. Above that, they can help drive additional traffic to your website. As long as you know how, each photographer delivers his or her photos in a different way. In general, you will probably get a Hires and Lowres file for each photo. With those low resolution photos we can certainly get started online.

Adjust The File Name

The photos in the folder that you get from your photographer probably have fairly generic names. This is useful for the photographer and for you to save the photos. However, Google is not very helpful. He does not know at all which photo it is. Therefore, change the name.

Add keywords if they are relevant and especially describe what are in the photo. Such as: “Codit-employee-office-Ghent” or “Land-Rover-Defender-in-Flemish-Ardennes.”

The Photos Are In Jpg Format

In all likelihood, yes. Nevertheless, it is good to check that for a moment. For online use .jpg is still the best file format. By default, I deliver the photos in jpg format, so that you can easily upload the photos.

How Big Are The Photos?

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to get started with the low res photos for your photo SEO. It is best to have a maximum of 2500px on the longest side of the photo and the file is smaller than 500kb.

If that is not the case, can the company photographer questions the photos something to export less. You can optionally use tools such as ImageOptim.

Add Captions

Just like you would on Instagram or Facebook, you can add a small descriptive text to your photo. This may not look great on your static web pages, but it can work wonders in your blog posts.

And Also An Alt Text

And add an alt text on top of that. This is very easy to do in WordPress. In many cases this can be the same as your file name. But this time remove the dashes.

Additional factors influencing the final cost:

  • The level of competitiveness of the site’s theme (the more competitive the business niche, the harder it is to promote it).
  • Site volume (single page or extended online store).
  • Chosen target audience (all regions or a specific area –, and others).

SEO guarantees

Working on the internet to optimize the site

An SEO specialist employed in the company will have direct access to the site and will be able to immediately start implementing optimization techniques for the respective campaign. In addition, being within the company, you will have the opportunity to insist daily (if necessary) to achieve these implementations.

He knows and is aware of all the changes made to the site. Being in a team, the SEO specialist will participate (or will find out later) the decisions and changes that want to be made to a site. In this way, you will be able to act immediately and proactively so that they do not affect the marketing campaign in a negative way, but – on the contrary – represent an advantage.


Clare Louise

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