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With the development of the era of mobile phones and computers, modern children move very little. It is difficult to make them play a ball or run, because all this can be done on the monitor screen in an online game. Correct the situation really with a trampoline. This is a very simple and functional sports equipment that will allow the child or the whole family to frolic actively, as well as cheer up. It is used by adults for sports and weight loss. How to choose a trampoline so that it does not break under the weight of the user, is it safe and sufficient in size? We will provide comprehensive answers to these questions. In the trampoline blog you can find the best deals now.

How to choose a trampoline

The best trampoline manufacturers – which company to choose

But each individual model is very different from the others in the maximum number of users and sizes, so you should find out the merits and functionality of specific products in a separate review. Here we will talk about the key parameters for choosing a trampoline for various user needs.


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  • The principle of operation and the device trampoline
  • The principle of operation and the device trampoline

Trampoline is sports equipment for outdoor activities, entertainment and acrobatic stunts. This inventory allows you to jump, tumble, fall or use as an arena for outdoor games.

Such a device helps to develop the muscles of the legs and arms, coordination of movements, and learn to perform gymnastic elements.

Trampoline exercises have a good effect on:

  1. The work of the heart;
  2. Promote the production of endorphins;
  3. Improve overall well-being;
  4. Promote weight loss;
  5. Cheer up.

It is useful for children and adults, which helps not just spend time, but brings family members together. Trampolines are installed in apartments, courtyards on the street and entertainment centers, beaches. Products vary in size: from single ones to play with the whole family, including adults.

The principle of operation of the trampoline is based on the action of springs, which are fixed with one edge for the round frame, and the second for the coating in contact with users. The canvas is made of durable materials to withstand heavy weight and loads from free fall. Rocking is carried out by stretching the springs under the influence of lowering the human body after the jump.


All this allows you to throw a child or adult to a height of 10-40 cm, with straight legs. If they are bent, then there is an opportunity for somersault or other tricks. Thanks to the springy action of the field, a regular ball game can become much more interesting and exciting. The spring unit is attached to an oval frame located on the legs or support arches. To prevent children from flying outside the circle, some models are equipped with safety racks and a net.

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