First aid: CPR

According to Erste-Hilfe Kurs before performing indirect heart massage and CPR on a person, you must check that the person is conscious. To do this, you must call out to the victim, and if he does not respond, you must check if he is breathing. To do this, you must:

Approach the victim on the right and block his right arm with your knee, and block the victim’s left arm with your right hand. In this position, the person will not be able to resist if he suddenly wakes up.

Advice from Erste Hilfe Kurs kostenlos, Try to gently rouse the victim, seeing if he reacts to shaking his shoulders and head. If there is no response, the person is unconscious.

Check breathing. To do this, gently tilt the victim’s head so that the tip of the nose is elevated. If for 10 seconds you do not observe any breathing movements, it is necessary to call an ambulance and carry out resuscitation.

How to do CPR?

As they teach at the Erste Hilfe seminar, The base of one palm should be placed on the middle of the victim’s chest, just above the xiphoid process. Then both hands should be taken either in a “lock” or one on the other “crosswise” and press them on the chest, thus performing indirect heart massage – 30 presses and two breaths “mouth to mouth”. The frequency of pressure should be about 100 times per minute.

You should not put too much pressure on the sternum, as there is a risk of breaking the ribs. The pressure should be applied with such force that the chest is displaced to the spine by 4-5 cm.

Resuscitation should be carried out until the person breathes or until an ambulance arrives. For proper CPR and first aid training, you can get a course at the Coast to Coast First Aid Hamilton training facility.

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