Five Characteristics That Make an Exceptional Business Leader

When are looking at building an exceptional business we should possess exceptional leadership qualities and skills. For that in Words of Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger an American footballer of Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League, “Leadership is something you earn, something you’re chosen for. You can’t come in yelling, ‘I’m your leader!’ If it happens, it’s because the other guys respect you.”

To earn that leadership skills and lead with pride and respect we should develop these Five Characteristics which can  Make us an Exceptional Business Leader and help grow our business and our team.


Leadership requires the ability to tackle all odds. It requires unity and encouragement among the team. An Exceptional leader it’s our responsibility to motivate and create a collaborative environment as well as maintain unity among the team members. Apart from this we should also value and respect the opinions and feedbacks of our team and put in great efforts in adopting new innovative ideas from which everyone can Benefit profusely.

Appreciation and Thankfulness:

We should always remember that Thankfulness and gratitude never make us look small before anyone, instead, it helps us build stronger relations. Be it in our personal lives or at our workplace, expressing gratitude makes us liked by all and it is the major reason to ensure a stressfree life. Most of the employees wish to have a chief who is appreciative and thankful. So, to be an effective leader, we should learn to appreciate our team and be grateful to maintain a healthy leader-employee relationship.


Flexibility is a property which is a must-have for leadership. It is the ability to adjust and popup in every tough and easy circumstance. Being an effective leader we need to have flexibility along with agility. Whenever a challenging situation arises, as a strong leader we should bring about cooperation and collaboration among the team and overcome every obstacle by embracing change. This Ensures a healthy discussion and decision making through collaboration and motivation. Hence inculcating flexibility within as being a leader is of utmost importance.

Learning Agility:

Exceptional leaders are exceptional learners, they are quick learners and can figure out quickly by a making an assessment or quick study what to do and how to do it without any prior knowledge or when they are placed in unfamiliar circumstances. We can be already quick learners but we can aim to foster learning agility through practice, experience, and effort to have become an exceptional learner.


We cannot stop to appreciate how indispensable networking is, be it within our department or even in other businesses. When it comes to being an effective leader we should have a well-structured network. Which allows us to collaborate in not only one direction but multiple dimensions.


If we are striving to become an exceptional business leader and excel in every dimension of leadership, we can start by laying our very foundation based on these five points and excel as an exceptional leader to take our business to new heights. For instance, we can see Gary Ng an investor and financial entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Canada. Gary Ng Winnipeg-based leader has dedicated years as a leader with the responsible task of being a mentor as well. This was possible only because of his exceptional leadership qualities.


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