Five Productivity Tools for Economic Development Marketing Professionals

The life of economic development marketing professionals can get a bit hectic.  In any given day, we wear many hats and are constantly juggling between pitching the media, coordinating with site selectors and managing media tours.  If you are wondering how we manage it all, here are five tools to help keep you on track and increase your productivity.

Pocket App

Can’t find that economic development article you meant to revisit? Next time put it in your Pocket. Pocket allows you to save that content all in one place, allowing you to access it later. The content saved is synced across all your devices, from your smart phone to your tablet and computer and is even integrated into apps you already use like Twitter and Flipboard.


Have you ever received a file that you can’t open on your computer? AnyConv is a web application that allows users to convert files without having to download any software. The site allows for the conversion of 400 different file formats. AnyConv converter is one of the best sites for converting files online from one format to another (video, audio, documents, images and other types). We do not hide that this is our favorite platform: you can upload and convert multiple files at the same time in batch. Also, the service has a small limit for files (the maximum size should not exceed 50 MB). 

Awesome Screenshot 

Its name says it all. Awesome Screenshot isn’t your ordinary screenshot tool. It is an extension of Google Chrome’s browser that allows users to quickly and easily take screen shots. You can capture the visible part of a page, a selected area or the entire web page. Once you’ve made your screenshot a toolbar pops up allowing you to crop, blur, add arrows, boxes or text to highlight a certain area.


Captivate your audience and create presentations people will remember with Prezi. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform that allows you to put together content and ideas creatively on a virtual canvas. You don’t need a degree in graphic design to create a visually captivating presentation. Prezi makes it easy for users to learn how to use the software with tutorial videos and easy-to-use templates available online.


Rather than having a dozen sticky notes all over your workspace download Evernote, a software designed for note taking and archiving information that will help you stay organized. The app recently introduced two new features: 1) Work Chat, which allows for workspace collaboration with shared notebooks and 2) Context, which surfaces relevant information (i.e. previous notes, contact information from LinkedIn and news articles) as you type a new note.

Clare Louise

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