Five Tips To Help You Find High-Quality Wool Rugs Online

Home décor shopping has evolved a great deal in recent years (partly due to the pandemic), and today people are décor shopping online more than ever before.

And when it comes to finding Wool rugs online, the market has never been larger for rug shoppers. Online rug shopping is now a phenomenon that the entire industry is evolving around, and one of the best online rug outlets in America is Rug Source, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Rug Source specialists have partnered up with us to help create this list of five shopping tips oriented specifically around finding high-quality wool rugs online. There’s no denying that wool rugs are still the cream of the crop when it comes to the rug industry, and ensuring the longevity and satisfaction of these investments requires a bit of extra care online.

So here are the five online shopping tips you should keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for high-quality wool rugs!

If Possible, Purchase Your Wool Rugs As The First Décor Piece of Your Household Space/Room

It’s always ideal to start a room or household space’s décor from the ground up, which essentially means you should purchase your wool rug prior to your furniture and artwork (if possible). This is a great décor strategy because it’ll allow a ton of room for creativity when it comes to building around your new rug’s colors.

However, it’s perfectly understandable when if you don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch if your space’s décor. In these scenarios, it’ll be crucial to online shop for wool rugs that match your room’s existing furniture aesthetics and colors. Creating a cohesive blend is what interior design is all about, but the good news is that many online rug outlets will ask for pictures of your space and point you in the right direction towards a rug that’ll match well.

Understanding How Wool Rugs Are Made, And Why They’re More Valuable

Hand-knotted wool rugs always require several months of manufacturing and design to complete, so they’re incredibly intricate works of art. Rug shoppers all over the world love wool rugs because they provide a significant difference between other materials and manufacturing techniques, so it’s important for all online rug shoppers to understand how wool rugs are more valuable than their counterparts.

Hand-knotted, wool rugs are incredibly durable and will often last for decades, if not generations, to come. So when you’re shopping for wool rugs online, you’re inevitably also shopping for a family heirloom!

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak With Online Vendors When You Have Questions/Concerns

A lot of online shoppers believe they’ll only speak with chatbots when they’re online shopping, but the truth is that many online rug vendors have customer service teams with real people just waiting to answer your questions.

There are all sorts of concerns that may come up while shopping for rugs online, including color steadfastness and digital corrections on websites and pile depth. As thorough as online rug shopping is, you’re of course not going to be able to actually feel a rug for sale. This is where real customer service reps can help provide you with more in-depth information, and they can also support your overall shopping efforts and make things A LOT easier on you!

Measuring Your Space Is CRUCIAL For Online Rug Shopping

One of the biggest mistakes online rug shoppers make is simply not having precise measurements of their desired space, and then purchasing a rug that doesn’t properly fit.

This is why it’s so crucial to conduct precise measurements based upon dimensions, as well as rug shape. You never know when you may come across an awesome round or square rug, and you’ll need to know if your space can properly accommodate irregular rug shapes and maintain proper aesthetics.

Rug Pads Will Help Maintain Your Wool Rug Investment For The Long Term

Another really important online rug shopping tip is to always purchase a rug pad to go with your new area rug purchase. It would essentially defeat the purpose to buy a wool rug online without a rug pad, because the rug will get worn down much faster without a pad.

So be sure you’re taking care of your new investment by protecting it from unnecessary harm!

Reach Out To The Rug Source Team When You’re Shopping For Wool Rugs Online!

Shopping online for wool rugs can be a lot easier said than done, especially with the oversaturation of digital rug outlets these days.

One of the best online rug vendors in America is Rug Source, Inc., and their experts are just a few clicks away when you go through the hyperlink at the top of this page!

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