Forward Fold Camper Buying Guide

Forward-fold campers are fast replacing rear-fold camper trailers. This camper trailer is preferred because it is family-friendly features. The expansion goes forward without taking extra footprints, making it an ideal choice for camps with rig-size restrictions. This buying guide will give you helpful tips if you want to buy a forward-fold camper.

What to Consider Before Buying a Forward Fold Camper

You must consider a few things before buying a forward-fold camper trailer. There are general factors to consider, and some are peculiar to your needs. Check out three key elements to begin your decision-making.

The Features

It is a no-brainer that the first factor to consider is the features of the camper. Next, check the size, weight, cargo capacity, and specifications like the batteries, brakes, tires, wheels, and suspension. Once you get the essentials out of the way, you can start checking the camping facilities.

Major camping features include the gas bottle and holder, water-holding capacity, kitchen space, bed sizes, and storage capacity. The features you get are impacted mainly by how much you pay for your camper, so ensure you get the best value for your money.

Your Family Size

The next factor to consider is your family size. Forward-fold campers are great for families of four. You can have enough space for yourself, your spouse, and the children. If you have guests, you may need to pack a lighter and make some concessions regarding sleeping spaces.

With that said, look for a camper with enough space for your family, especially if you are a regular camper.

Your Camping Style

Many people miss this, but you should not. Consider how often you camp and how you like to do it. Do you spend more time in campgrounds or your camper trailer? Do you prefer to camp in local campgrounds or do off-roading regularly? Your answers to these questions will guide you on the best features to demand from your new camper trailer.

Camper Buying Guide

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Benefits of Forward Fold Campers

Forward-fold campers are gaining popularity for their features that make camping much more effortless. Here are some top benefits of forward fold campers you will like to know.

Quick Set-Up Time

Forward-fold campers are easy to set up. Most of what you need for camping are already-made with the camper. Thus, you only need to release the expansion and set up your activities. Forward-fold campers are also easy to pack up when you are ready to leave.

Raised Living Space and Extra Bed

Forward-fold campers give you ample quality living space off the ground. You can sleep without fear of slithering animals and protect yourself from wet campgrounds. The extra bed from the extension is also a plus.

Expansion with No Change in Footprint

The major pro of forward fold campers is that the expanded part takes up no extra footprint. The trailer’s lid pulls forward to form the base of the bed. Since the expansion is over the drawbar, the lid does not take up any extra space in the campground. This makes it easy to park in campgrounds with rig-size limitations.

Disadvantages of Forward Fold Campers

Despite the significant benefits of buying a forward-fold camper, there are a few disadvantages you need to know. They include;

  • Limited storage space
  • Costliness
  • Limited off-road capability
  • Heavier tow weight


A forward-fold camper is a good investment for a family that loves camping. First, however, you must research the options before you. Know the features they offer and how those can best serve your purposes.

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