Fruit Machines and How They Differ From Modern Video Slots

Fruit Machines slot

Fruit machines may work in a similar way to modern video slots but there are some notable differences in terms of betting options, features and payouts.

From very simple to more complex betting options

Most slot machines are easy to play and you can jump on them and start playing without difficulty. You basically insert money into the machine, select a bet size, spin the reels and wait for the results.

The difference between fruit machines and modern video slots is that modern slots are more complex and often come with a wider betting range. They are still easy to play, and you have the convenience of finding them online. When you play online casino slots at Parx, you can choose from a very wide range of slot machines.

From fruit symbols to elaborate themes and spectacular graphics

With many businesses going digital today, it is no wonder that playing online slots is so popular and player expectations are higher than ever. Fruit machines commonly found in pubs, clubs, or bars were an offshoot of classic slot machines and featured fruit symbols such as bananas, cherries, or oranges.

Fruit machines look very outdated in comparison with the video slot machines of today. Modern slot machines provide all-action adventure with detailed themes and amazing 3D graphics.

From two features to many features  

Fruit machines basically have two different features. It is possible to hold a reel or more than one reel in place while spinning the others or nudge a reel up or down. Fruit machines do have the amount of bonuses modern slots offer.

Second-screen bonuses, expanding wilds, infinity reels and win multipliers are just some of the inventive features modern slots offer. Most gamblers want to do more than spin three reels and they want unique bonuses. Today some players enjoy great livestreaming success when they livestream themselves playing slots.

Small wins to huge wins

Fruit machines tend to offer smaller wins than modern video slot machines. The top payout on a fruit machine may be worth between two and ten thousand times a stake. Fruit machines used to be so popular that people would play them for hours hoping for a payout and they were dubbed ‘one arm bandits’ by the media. Payouts can reach five, six or even seven figures when playing modern video slot machines but they don’t happen that often.

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