General facts about Marriage Licenses in the USA

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In the united states a marriage cannot be contracted while either party had a husband or wife living; between persons who are closer in relationship than second cousins, whether parties to the marriage are half or whole blood, except that a marriage may be contracted between first cousins if the female has attained the age of 55 years, or if either party at the time of application for a marriage license submits an affidavit signed by a physician stating that either party is permanently sterile. The county judge or clerk of the circuit court shall issue such license, upon application for the license, if there appears to be no impediments to the marriage.

Every marriage license shall be issued by a county judge or clerk of the circuit court under his hand and seal. To obtain a certified copy of your marriage license/certificate you may come to the Mahoning County Probate Court or you may send a business size, self-addressed, stamped envelope and include $2 cash or money order only, for each copy (if requesting more than 3 copies, please allow for additional postage) to Mahoning County Probate Court, Marriage License Department, which is located at 120 Market Street, Youngstown, OH 44503. An application for a marriage license must be made by the parties before the probate court of the county in which either resides.

Officiant will retain both copies of the marriage license and shall file it with the Clerk of the Circuit Court within 5 days following the ceremony ( Virginia Code §32.1-267 (C) ) Loudoun County residency, proof of divorce, witnesses or blood tests are not required to obtain a marriage license from Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court. When applying for a Marriage License, applicants must present either a valid driver’s license, other identification card with photo and birth date, or valid passport.

If you have any questions, contact the License Department or Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court in the county where the marriage will be performed. For example, if you are residents of Anne Arundel County, but are getting married in Montgomery County, you will need to obtain a marriage license from the Clerk of Montgomery County Circuit Court. The couple completes a premarital education course described by Section 2.013, and provides to the County Clerk a premarital education course completion certificate indicating completion of the premarital education course not more than 1 year before the date the marriage license application is filed with the Clerk.

If you experience problems in completing the application and/or do not receive a confirmation number you must come into the Rockwall County Clerk’s office to obtain your Marriage License. Applicants seeking a marriage license must appear together in the Marriage License Bureau of the Register of Wills Office and complete a Marriage License Application. The marriage license fee is $100.00 CASH ONLY payable at the time of application.

The cost to apply for a marriage license is $20.00 which is due and payable at the time of application. To obtain a copy of a marriage license or a copy of the decree of dissolution of marriage visit the Court Clerk’s Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Bridgeport Office of Vital Records is open On Monday from 9 AM through 6:45 PM. (Marriage licenses are not processed after 6:00 PM) and from Tuesday-Friday from 9 AM through 4:30 PM. On Tuesday-Friday, marriage license applications are not accepted after 4 PM. The license will be issued immediately after all requirements have been met.

When application is made for a copy of a marriage record from the Office of Vital Records, the following information should be included: full name of groom, full maiden name of bride, date and place of marriage and the name of the circuit court that issued the marriage license. Where to obtain license – A license for marriage in Virginia is issued by the clerk or his/her deputy clerk of a circuit court in any county or city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Applicants must produce the following identification: a CURRENT, VALID PHOTO I.D. in the form of either a driver’s license; non-driver’s license; international driver’s license; passport; military I.D.; resident alien card or consulate card AND a Social Security card or any other form of I.D. issued by an official entity which reflects the applicant’s Social Security number (i.e. Social Security printout; pay stub; W-2 form; income tax return; prescription card; access card etc.). If an applicant does NOT possess a Social Security number he/she must produce a Secondary I.D. in the form of a birth certificate (officially translated, if appropriate); or any other form of I.D. issued by an official entity, in addition to the above-noted current, valid photo I.D. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE TAKEN WITHOUT THESE DOCUMENTS.

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