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To be fair, the rules of the game are not the same when decorating a condominium apartment as compared to when you are decorating an HDB apartment in Singapore. They are not even the same when we decorate two apartments, such as flats, HBDs, duplexes or PHs. The decorators and interior designers understand these differences and know how to work the best possible match for each type of housing.

HDB Vs Condo In Singapore

In large cities, such as our beloved Singapore, the price of the real estate continues to rise and rise. The result is often home spaces getting smaller and smaller. The population continues to grow and grow and people settle down in new neighborhoods

Buildings are either old buildings which are recovered and repurposed or built from scratch. What does this have to do with decoration? Well, a lot. Since the architectural style of the building, and even the neighborhood, will depend on the general look and age of the building, older buildings are much more expensive to renovation and redesign.

Limited space adds to your problems. The lack of natural light or unattractive exterior and the noise from the street can pose as problems to homeowners. Additionally, the renovation, removal or addition of some parts of the house would require an official permit from the government or relevant authorities.

For apartments in Singapore, it is usually under the HDB’s jurisdiction.  As we know, part of interior design and decoration is to solve specific situations, trying to do so without sacrificing aesthetics. The good news is that there are many tricks that can help us turn a seemingly depressing apartment into a unique and special space, brimming with charm and personality, that adapts to its environment with grace and that draws a smile on our faces each time we open the door to go home.

How to decorate a condominium apartment

The exterior of the building is beyond our control, so we have to manage and attempt to make a great impression on visitors from the interior aspect of the building. For homeowners, this usually mean the front door and hall. Doors have been known to contribute powerfully to cement a positive first impression.

How do we do this? Painting the door in a contrasting or different color can help. If we cannot do it on the door exterior, then at least on the interior of the door.Buying a narrow carpet that serves as a path, a coat rack to hang the covers, art on the walls and some decorative element that gives the door more personality, like plants, a sculpture or some ornament, all these are also plausible methods for homeowners to consider.

Creating a decorative theme in your condo design

In interior spaces, living rooms, dining rooms and even kitchens, must be impeccable and establish a decorative dialogue. This is especially so if the areas are integrated together or arranged next to each other. What does this mean? It is important to decorate your surroundings with a particular and specific genre or theme. One way to maintain this cohesion is to opt for the same color or variety of wood in the furniture, have a palette if not identical, at least harmonious and try to stay within the style.

To ensure that you have the best interior design and renovation experience, you need to find the best interior design company amongst the many in Singapore. To find out more, you can visit Space Factor at to gather inspiration and find all the condo interior design service and ideas you need about design and renovation.




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