Habits That Can Be Harmful To Your Window Tints

If you are wondering what can harm your window tints, the answer lies in the potential for heat to get inside the tinting material. When a window tint is in use, it needs to be kept in a temperature that is below room temperature. A window tint that is exposed to high traffic in a closed space may warp or shrink when exposed to outdoor conditions. Over time, this can cause the tint to form a pothole in the material.

This heat exposure can weaken the glass of the window and can also cause cracking of the glass. Heat will eventually find its way into the glass once the window is cracked, and this heat will likely expand to fill the whole space where the tint was applied. The expansion will increase the pressure inside the glass, which will cause it to break. If the crack is not repaired immediately, the glass can shatter in large chunks or splinters.

Even if the tinting materials were treated to prevent heat transfer, they may still absorb some of the heat from the sun. This absorption will cause the tints to become hot to the touch. You may feel uncomfortable sitting near them because the heat will feel warm on your hands and fingers. You may even experience the odd sensation that your skin feels clammy when you sit near the window. Because glass does not reflect the sun’s heat, you will not feel any difference in the temperature outside of the glass.

Even if the window tint does not crack, it can still chip if it is in a very direct line with the sun. This will damage the glass and expose the untreated sides to the glare of the sun. You may want to consider replacing the glass in your windows before this happens. This may cost a little more money upfront, but the resulting repair will cost less than repairing the tint would have cost if it had been damaged in its first place. Replacement glass will also give you more safety and peace of mind since you know that you are protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

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Habits that can be harmful to your window tints

Alison Lurie

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