Handy Give You Tips on Writing and Publishing Your First Book


Writing books for the first time can be a daunting task. However, there are some effective tips that you can follow to make the job of writing easier and even publish your book. Handy believes that you need to be focused, motivated, and organized if you want to complete your first writing project. The beginning is the hardest but once you get started and don’t stop, you would be able to complete writing your book and find a good publisher.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that you can follow to write and publish your first book:

  1. Choose the deadline and set your writing goal – If you do not have any deadline or set your goal, it can become very difficult to complete your work. Generally, a full-time writer can write about 3000 to 4000 words per day. When you set a deadline, it will push you to write beyond your limit and even at the time when you are not in the mood to write.
  1. Prepare before you write – You must plan all the details of the story that you want to write before you start to write it. Otherwise, it may become difficult for you to keep your story going forward. That is the reason why it is always recommended to prepare a basic synopsis, mind map, or outline the ideas before start writing. A little preparation helps you to complete your task on time and also keeps you focused.
  1. Use the right tool – It is very essential to use the right tool for writing your book. There are many tools in the market that makes your job of writing a lot easier. No matter whatever tools you use, make sure that it is reliable, efficient, and would help you become more productive.

A writer should not make any kind of spelling or grammatical mistakes and as such, it is very essential for a writer to proofread their writing thoroughly. Tools like Grammarly would show you grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes in the document. Apart from that, you can use writing tools and software that can help you save notes, create and save characters, brainstorm ideas, and check for plagiarism.

  1. Publish your book – Once you have completed your writing, you must get ready to publish your book. Today, you will find many successful writers who are independent publishers. There are many online publishing platforms that allow writers to publish their own book and the process is not difficult at all. Alternatively, you can approach a publisher and show your writing. The publisher will go through your writing and if they like your writer and accept it, they will publish your book after thorough editing.


According to Handy, writing a novel takes a lot of effort and time. You have to learn how to build suspense, describe various scenarios in life-like details, and grab the reader’s attention through masterful storytelling. But if you can tell a good story through your writing, you will get a lot of fame and create many fans.

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