Help Customers Create a Rolling Comfort Zone with Car Air Fresheners  


The average American spends slightly more than 12 days in their car per year albeit day-by-day. Just on the commute alone, Americans spend 25 minutes in the car daily. The car air fresheners you offer at your car wash, convenience store or variety store can help your customers enjoy their ride even more.

Most people still think of a car air freshener as the pine tree shaped, pine scented cardboard decoration you hang from the rearview mirror. Today’s selection provides so much more choice.

Sure, they still make the hanging cardboard scented decorations, but you can also choose from cans, sprays and vent clips. You can help customers make their car smell like any tree, flower, setting or perfume.

The manufacturers of home sprays and air freshening products have expanded their selections. Major candle manufacturers have entered the fray, too. You can offer your customers car air fresheners from California Scents, Febreeze, Little Tree, Ozium and Yankee Candle.

You Febreeze your couch, why not your car? The vehicle goes through much more in less time. You eat in your car. People pile into your car and sweat. The air conditioner may break causing you to sweat more. People spill things. It would be terrific if as soon as one of those things happened, you could pull into a detailer and have the vehicle cleaned. Life does not usually work that way though, so turn to air freshener.

Different types of product serve different purposes. A cardboard freshener and a vent clip both continually freshen the air, as does a can. You can rid the car or truck of temporary smells with a spray.

A vent clip or can visibly tells you when it needs replacing. You will actually see the product reduce in size and contents. A spray lets you know when it runs out by nothing coming out of the nozzle. The cardboard scented hanger simply stops controlling smells.

Since different customers have different needs, it makes since for your car wash, convenience store or variety store to carry a number of these various products. You need a selection of each type in vending machines or on your shelves so customers can choose from hangers, cans, sprays and vent clips.

You should also carry a variety of scents. Yankee Candle turned many of its most popular selling candles into cans and vent clips to allow customers to have their vehicle’s scent match that of their home. Febreeze provides vehicle versions of its most popular home scents, too. Help your customers turn their vehicle into the comfort zone it should be.



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