Here Are the Things You Must Know in Your First Korean Eyebrow Embroidery!

Have you ever thought about whether you should get Korean eyebrow embroidery or not anytime soon? If you did, but you are hesitating about your plans, that is okay. Feeling that way is quite normal since not only does it concern your finances, but also the changes in your looks. That is why you should take your time and try not to let the trends overwhelm you too much.

Once you calm down, start gathering details about why you should consider getting one right now. Besides completing your makeup routine faster, you should let your parents know about it. Doing so will give you an idea if they also agree with you having Korean eyebrow embroidery done. If they do, that means you would not have to worry about them giving you sermons later on, and you can enjoy flaunting your sleek brows.

Another reason you should ask your family is that they may know some relatives who recently had done it in the past. From there, you can seek advice on what you should expect on your first ever eyebrow embroidery appointment in Singapore. You may never know; they might even let you know where their go-to salon is that you can also visit soon. When that happens, do not hesitate to seize that chance while you still can!

If they cannot recommend you to anyone since they have not done it either, that is fine. You could do your research to learn more about Korean Eyebrow Embroidery. For a more personal opinion, consider reading reviews. Doing so will let you know what you can expect before and after the procedure.

Nonetheless, keep reading the rest of the article! You will gain ideas of what you are getting yourself into once you have decided to get Korean eyebrow embroidery.


Your Top Questions About Korean Eyebrow Embroidery, Answered.

Korean eyebrow embroidery is so hot these days. Many women, including men, have noticed the beauty of this semi-permanent makeup. They understand that this method could save anyone who got a bit too aggressive with the tweezers in their youth. Or anyone who has barely-there-brows. No wonders why with the trend going on, more and more people desire to get one. Indeed, since a session of Korean eyebrow embroidery can make promising, fuller, and bolder brows.

Though before getting one yourself, it would be a good idea to know the answers to the questions below. Doing so would help you a lot with your decision and what you need to do later.


  1. How is Korean eyebrow embroidery done?

Once you go to an eyebrow embroidery salon in Singapore, expect the technician to take a close up photo of your brows. This step is essential because it will help them explain what enhancement do your brows need.

Soon after that, they will clean up your brow line by removing the excess hair beyond that part. Then the technician will draw two different brow styles and let you choose which one you think suits you the most. Next, they will apply some anaesthetic cream and let it sit there for fifteen minutes so you would not feel any discomfort nor pain later on.

When the numbing agent kicks in,  the technician will implant coloured hair-like pigment in the brow line. At first, the result will look a bit darker than you imagine, but it seems more natural as time passes.

  1. Is it safe to have?

As with any semi-permanent makeup, Korean eyebrow embroidery is just safe as long as you are careful about choosing who will do the procedure for you. Take note that a session of this procedure will cost you anywhere between S$499 to S$1,288. If you have found a salon offering it for much less, be wary. That offer is quite too good to be true.

To rest assured that you are getting quality results, let a certified technician do it. Ask them if they could show you their certification and references.

NOTE: To make sure they are not reusing needles or blades, they should open the package in front of you.

  1. Who is it for?

Korean eyebrow embroidery is for everyone, but this procedure is more suitable for anyone who has thin brows, bald spots or people who over-plucked their brows. Even though that is the case, you should still get an initial consultation before getting one, especially if you have sensitive skin. Keep in mind that some people could have adverse skin reactions afterwards.

NOTE: If you have skin allergies, you are less suitable to have this procedure done.

  1. Can I ask to top up the numbing agent?

As mentioned before, the numbing agent they will use is topically applied, which means it is less effective than injectable anaesthesia. In short, it will wear off quickly depending on your pain tolerance. But fret not since you can ask the technician to apply some more during the procedure. They only need to wait until the numbing agent kicks in again and go on with the process.

  1. Can the procedure be paused for a while?

Of course, you can! No technicians will let their patients feel uncomfortable while doing the Korean eyebrow embroidery. That same goes for all other semi-permanent makeup, too! Therefore, whenever you feel stuffy, say the magic word, and they will pause for a while.

NOTE: When letting them know that you need a break, tap out your hands on the bed where you are lying down. Do not move excessively so no accidents will happen.

  1. How do I know which eyebrow shape suits me?

Before the technician begins the Korean eyebrow embroidery, they will ask you what you want to happen on your brows. After your discussion, they will draw two brow styles that suit you and match your choice. Then you have to choose between the two, so the technician will proceed with the procedure.

But to further make sure you will get the brows that suits you the most, here is a brief explanation about the eyebrow shapes.

  • Rounded
    • Suitable for anyone who has a square-shaped face.
  • Flat
    • A flatter brow creates an illusion for those who have a long shaped face.
  • Arched
    • Great for all shaped faces since it balances the facial features.


How to Prepare for Korean Eyebrow Embroidery?

If you have reached this point, that means you are ready to get Korean eyebrow embroidery!  Perhaps, you have already saved enough money for a session, and you also have told your boss about your plans to take a day off from work one of these days.

Though that is not the only thing you need to do, there are other more preparations. Here they are that you need to keep in mind.


  1. Review Your Medical Records.

For starters, before going to any eyebrow embroidery salon in Singapore, you should know a bit about your medical records. Doing so will help you get prepared to answer questions about your past and current condition.

That is why when the technician is asking you, answer them with all honesty. Your honest answers will help them a lot in performing their job right. Therefore, if they ask you if you have taken any medication lately or have a history of an allergic reaction, speak out. It is crucial to let them know about that, so they know what to do with you later on.

  1. Discuss Your Goals and Expectations.

As you might have guessed based on the information you have learned above,  everyone has their reason why they want to get Korean eyebrow embroidery. Some made a mistake with tweezers when they were young, while others were born with thin, barely-there-brows.

Even though the technician could have guessed that, you should still let them know your exact reason. Doing so would give them ideas on how to help you achieve your dream sleek eyebrows. That is why you should not be shy of letting them know what you want and your expectations from them.

  1. Go Bare Face!

Even though wearing makeup helps you get through the day, that is not a good idea when going to an eyebrow embroidery salon. Not only does it cause trouble to the technician, but it would also irritate the treated brow lines later on.

Therefore, on the day of your actual Korean eyebrow embroidery session, do not wear any makeup. Go bare face so it would be easier for the technician to get up close at your brows and perform the procedure.

NOTE: Once you wake up in the morning, only wash your face with a gentle cleanser and never apply anything else afterwards.

  1. Wear Loose Clothes.

Comfort aside, wearing loose clothes allows you to take them off without trouble. You would not have to worry about fabric touching the treated brow lines since there is so much space to let your head out of the collar.


What Should I Do After Getting Korean Eyebrow Embroidery?

Once done with the Korean eyebrow embroidery, the technician will let you know what you need to do after. They are after-care instructions that will help you get the optimal results. That is why as much as possible, follow them as it is.

Most often than not, here are just a few that they will advise you.


Limit Showers.

During the first seven days after getting the procedure done, limit your showers to five minutes and try to keep your face out of the water while washing your body. Keep in mind that your face should be the very last part that should get wet. Make sure when wetting those brow lines, damp it gently as possible.

Use Fresh Pillowcase.

Changing your pillowcase every day helps the eyebrows heal faster and reduce the risk of infections caused by oils, dirt, and sweat gathered when you fall asleep. That is why before going to bed, change the pillowcase to a fresh one.

Never Sleep on Face.

The problem with this sleeping position is that it would only ruin the Korean eyebrow embroidery you just got. Expect to have wrinkles in the brow lines once you sleep on this sleeping on your face, which is why you should avoid this pattern for ten days after the procedure.

NOTE: Keep in mind that Korean eyebrow embroidery will only last from twelve to eighteen months if you take good care of getting the procedure done.


How to Find the Perfect Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Salon?

Now that you know what will happen and need to do after completing the procedure, it is time to look for the right eyebrow embroidery salon in Singapore. Since this will be your first time getting one, you probably have no idea about what you need to do. That is why to make your search easier, here are some helpful tips. Use them so you will be able to find an eyebrow embroidery salon near your place.

  • In your search, always check their available services and see if they have other offers than Korean eyebrow embroidery. Most often than not, this kind of salon has a lash lift and eyelash extensions in their services.
  • Next, confirm if they only use high-quality tools, equipment, and materials for their services. It may be challenging to find out about this matter since most would claim they only use grade-A items, but a high-quality one always has documents and permits when purchasing them.
  • It would also be great if you only let experienced and qualified technicians perform the procedure for you. Doing so would give you peace of mind about the result. That is why you should always ask for their licenses that prove their expertise and years of experience.
  • Most importantly, only go to a salon that has been tried and tested by many. You will know about this matter after reading the reviews left by the previous customers before you. You could find this information either on their website, Google, and Facebook reviews.

Nevertheless, make sure to have your Korean eyebrow embroidery done at a reliable salon in Singapore like Dreamlash. They are also well-known for their eyelash extensions and other semi-permanent makeup. To learn more about them and their services, go to their website and Facebook page today!

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