How do you pair steak with wine? 

Are you planning out a steak date? Steak and wine have to be one of the best combinations ever. If you are looking forward to the perfect pairing option, you need to ensure that you bring about a balance with steak and wine. The aroma of both the dishes are healthy and yet alluring, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on it. 

The best choice you can ever make on a date night is red meat with red wine. But, you need to have a little more knowledge to determine that you make the best choice for steak experience. So, if you feel that you don’t have enough knowledge and want to have the best experience, experts at Rib n reef have enlisted a few ways through which you can get the best steak experience. 

Fatty steak

So, if you are getting your hands on fatty steak, you will surely want to have bold red wine. But, you need to be sure about the different steak cuts so that you can make the best choice. Some of the best steak cuts that you can pair with red wine include mignon, New York eye, porterhouse, and ribeye steaks because they have high tannin. The tannin cuts out on the steak fat, thereby maintaining the palate cleanser. As a result, in no time you will get a smoother and flavourful steak right with your wine. 

Leaner steak

The requirements of leaner steak will further vary too. If you are getting lean steak, your wine should be lean too. Lighter and leaner meat would be the perfect pair for your red wine. Also, if you choose the right cut, you will be able to maintain a proper balance between the delicate flavors. However, when you order lean steak, you need to choose a wine with higher acidity so that you can get the perfect flavor. Also, the lighter flavor will be more enhanced with the lighter cuts. 

Order Lamb

If you order lamb steak with wine, you need to ensure that you choose a more delicate flavor. Since beef has bold flavors, it is ordered with heavy wine. But, lamb has lighter flavors, so you can surely order lamb steak with a lighter wine. The medium-bodied red wines with smooth tannin levels may be the perfect choice to make. Malbec is one of the most popular wines ever paired with lamb. 

The right side dish will eventually enhance the flavor. Well, pairing steak and wine correctly will eventually help to get your date night going. 


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