How is your ego dragging you back

Most people in the world whether they belong to the developed countries or the developing ones or even under-developed ones are being controlled by ego. Ego can also be referred to as a sense of self or identity that a person has. This is indeed a factor that holds back the person and it usually puts a lens of duality over the real world. Ego is what forces an individual to divide concepts into two opposites sides such as left and right, hate, peace and war. As you know, when divisions exist, sufferings make their way into their lives. Ego Death can be the savior angel that could set you free from these sufferings.

Ego- what is it?

 Ego refers to the belief you have about your personality, abilities, relationships, life experiences, etc. In other words it is an identity that you construct on your own. if you think that ego remains static once you have construed it, you are mistaken.  It is active and dynamic and it keeps changing with experienced self-realisation that happens with age.  It is really very hard for a person who is unaware of the existence of ego to to find the difference between the real them and the ego. As long as we are not ready to leave behind the ego and progress as in the case of Ego death, you would be living within the confines of the dualistic reality propounded by your ego.

Ego death

Ego death can be considered as a state of transcendence. It is the state where you evolve beyond your ego and the shackles laid by it. This also means you gain control of your lives by returning to your true nature learning to live beyond the dualistic reality of ego. However, this sort of experience could be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Depending on how ready you are as an individual to let go of ego. It is indeed a difficult thing to achieve as the defense mechanism of ego is designed in such a way that it kicks off immediately and keeps the person attached to it by all means.

The positives and negatives that happen with ego death

 The positives

When you slowly pass through the stages of transcendence that leads to ego death you will be experiencing certain positives like

  • Experiencing an extra dose of positive feelings
  • You would discover your true self. This would help you see what you  don’t like about yourself and what changes you should make in yourself to be a better person
  • You would experience emotional feelings and attachments that were not possible erstwhile owing to the ego.
  • It would bring about peace and purity in your mind.
  • It would change the way you look at the world. It would be depleted of desires and insecurities.
  • You would be able to get in touch with your whole being.

The Negatives

 The negatives are by and large limited to just an insecure feeling that arises as always when you experience change.  Being able to see your true self owing to Ego death can be shattering. It is also common for most people to feel insecure since they have been using ego for protection for a very long period. The psychological changes in the thought process could also be difficult to handle. last but not least the realisation as to how you have been that follows the ego death can make you feel disappointed.

Yoga and or psychedelics are considered as an effective way to experience ego-death.

Clare Louise

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