How Keeping Your Loved Ones Ashes Into Jewellery Is Possible

People cope in different ways. When a loved one passes away, the traditional way of saying goodbye is to bury them in a cemetery. We then visit them every once in a while or give flowers on every special occasion. We create ways to remember them.

Some people prefer to cremate their loved ones to keep them close. It is where we put them in a special place in our homes, hoping they would reach the afterlife peacefully.

However, thanks to technology, turning their ashes into jewellery is now possible, more specifically, a diamond,. We can now keep them where their cremation ashes are turned into jewelery, a precious way to help grieving families.

Turning Ashes Into Diamonds


Diamonds are often seen as precious and cherished by most people, because not only does it blings, it is a great accessory as well. It’s a natural element produced by extreme heat in the earth’s mantle core. It is often used as a jewellery piece that costs thousands of dollars.

On natural occurrences, a diamond is mostly made of carbon atoms. It happens when individual carbons are subjected to high temperatures and pressure, it creates a solid connection, resulting in the production of a diamond. Other chemicals and a tiny piece of genuine diamond known as seed are combined to create the final product.

They’re all heated up again and subjected to tremendous pressure before being sliced and polished to make the finished crystal.

Numerous procedures have been demonstrated over time to extract carbon from the other components present in the ashes.  The carbon is extracted in laboratories that create ashes into your preferred jewellery.  It only takes 1.1 pounds of ash to create a diamond in laboratory settings from the cremains of an adult.

Aside from human cremation, some services include pet cremation jewelry in Singapore that allows every pet owner to commemorate their animals by transforming ashes into jewellery.

The Diamond Process

The-diamond-processYou are probably curious to know how the process takes place. Is it safe? Is it reliable? Is it a real diamond?

They receive your ashes.

For the ashes to turn into jewellery, you need to schedule the day of turnover. Upon your scheduled day of turning the ashes of your loved ones or pets over, with careful handling, they will be thoroughly checked and marked to distinguish which ones are yours.

Aside from at least 200 grams of ashes, you can also turn over any items. They are what we call a second carbon source which can be hair (at least 8 grams), letters, or any picture.

They prepare the carbon process.

Just like the process of a real diamond, an extraction of carbon takes place through laboratory measures.

The cremation ashes, before turning into jewelry, are put in a customised furnace that is heated over 5000F to ensure that every element except carbon oxidizes is separated. Then the temperature is elevated even higher so that it may transform the carbon into graphite.

The process will take some time or even a few weeks to complete.

The graphite process

Once the carbon preparation process is done, they will convert your ashes or items into graphite. Both diamond and graphite and the more recently discovered carbon-based material are formed entirely of carbon. The differences in attributes between carbon and diamond are due to the differences in their crystal structures.

The metal catalyst and seed crystal are then put in a highly specialised press shaped into a diamond. During the process of the ashes into jewellery, they increase the pressure to 800,000 pounds. 

In the final stage, before the cremation ashes turn into jewelry when the press is in operation, the temperature in the room remains at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit until the cremation diamond is produced.

The process takes place in over a few weeks since it is carefully done with intricate laboratory technology.

They cut and polish

After the diamonds are created in a specially designed machine that incorporates HPHT technology, the cutting and polishing take place. Supposedly, the crystallisation process is similar to the techniques used to generate synthetic diamonds in a laboratory setting.

In this step, your diamond takes on its final shape and begins to sparkle with a brilliant sheen. When diamonds are created, only high-quality diamonds with a carbon composition are developed as a result of the initial cleaning procedure. 

The imperfection of each diamond composed of 25 components ensures that each piece of jewelry is crafted by professionals.

There are different cuts that you may choose from depending on your preferences. Rough diamonds are shapes that come in natural forms, while shape cut includes a flawless cutting process.

Necklace for ashes is not your only option. You can request any type of ashes into jewellery based on your preferences. Moreover, cuts may vary from brilliant, rough, heart, radiant, emerald, princess, and asscher, depending on how you want your keepsake jewelry to look.

They check the quality.

To ensure your diamonds are in an excellent state, strict quality control takes place. You will also receive a certification that states all the necessary information you need to know. The weight, cut, colour and genuineness are included for safekeeping.

The Benefits of Ashes into Jewellery


While some people may find it not authentic, turning your loved one’s ashes into jewellery may become beneficial to you in the long run. As you cope with grieving for the loss of your family member or pet, it provides you with a sense of comfort that reminds you of their memories.

Carried out in a delicate process, even pet cremation jewelry in Singapore is now possible. It gives a personal touch, and a connection between you and your loved ones.

In this way, you can be with them wherever you are. You can still celebrate their life even without their physical presence. You no longer need to say goodbye in cemeteries, put them in an inn or scatter them as you can still now keep them with you.

You may now be able to move forward and heal, knowing they hold a special place that you can keep. It serves as a curated and unique property solely made for you that you can cherish as long as you live.

If you are interested in turning your loved ones ashes into jewellery, visit our website to know more.

Alison Lurie

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