How Modular Decking Makes Your Patio Expansion Easier

Building a bigger and more engaging outdoor social space is a very, very common home improvement goal whose popularity has remained strong for decades. In light of today’s demands for social distancing as a part of public health safety, outdoor socialization has become more prominent than ever, and that’s increased demand for bigger decks with more seating and more ways to feature your favorite outdoor activities. If you’re looking to make that expansion, you have a lot of choices for materials and designs. One choice you might not have considered is the use of modular decking systems, which can make it very easy to add exactly the right features to your build without having to agonize over your design.

Make Material Purchasing Easy

It can be difficult to guess what supplies you’ll need when you build a deck from scratch. In theory, your design plan tells you, but there are always surprises when you approach a build, which means you might need to replace some materials as you find a way to fit everything together. By contrast, modular decking components fit together from the moment you open them up. Common mishaps like mis-measured cuts just don’t happen, and complex extra features like benches and planters can be added as whole units without having to draw up additional plans for each one. That simplifies your material acquisition even more.

Built to Fit

When you know your deck tiles, supports, and other important features are built to fit together, you can more easily lay out your exact plan to scale, allowing you to better predict the new landscaping needs you’ll have around your deck expansion and patio area. It’s an easy way to accomplish tricky designs like deck installations that surround above-ground pools, and as you decide to add new features or make future expansions, you know you can just order the pieces you need and they’ll fit your existing look as well as they fit each other.


Paul Petersen

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