How Much Alcohol For A Party?

Alcohol volume and quantity are important factors for any party. Too much alcohol and you have wasted guests, which is also extra money. Although it’s customary to have more than enough, in the case of alcohol, it’s best to have just the right quantity and our after-hours alcohol delivery can help you with that. We specialize in after hours alcohol delivery within Toronto, making sure that every party in Toronto isn’t slowed down.

How do you determine the right quantity of alcohol for your next party? Keep reading to find out.

1. Type of Party

The type of party being hosted determines how much alcohol should be ordered. A housewarming doesn’t require over a box of beers, but a wedding on the other hand will demand boxes of beers, wines, and cocktails. Knowing this will help you mentally prepare for a number range so it doesn’t catch you unprepared.

2. Your guests

Most people talk about guests in terms of quantity when planning a party, but that’s quite wrong. Guests should be considered in style and taste. As a party planner or host, you’re required to know the taste and style of most of the guests attending. More beer lovers, then beer. More wine lovers, then more wine. However, there is a rule. For parties like weddings, go with more wine than beer.

3. Duration of party

House parties go span for days or even weeks. Knowing the duration of a party is important. It helps us plan accurately, how much alcohol we need for the duration of the party. Calculate the amount of heavy, moderate, and mild drinkers, and then use the frequency to determine how much alcohol you’ll be ordering. You must get the party duration right unless you want a dull uninteresting party.

4. Your Budget

Budgets are often ignored in talks like this. People just throw numerous factors at you, intentionally exempting your budget. Your entire party should be planned around a budget. While it’s tempting to spend a lot of money on a party, the consequences can be awful. Depending on your guests, providing everything might still not be enough. Here at our after-hours alcohol delivery, we work with your budget to deliver your alcohol.

Keep the party going with Toronto’s newest after-hours alcohol delivery company! Here, you make sure your alcohol quantity is sufficient for your guests and that the alcohol types fit the mood and guests.

Clare Louise

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