How Often Should You Change Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

Car owners and drivers often mention getting their oil checked and changed to ensure their vehicle runs properly. While that’s all good and dandy, most drivers don’t even bother, or worse, know about the need to change the automatic transmission fluid.

A Mercedes Benz needs more than just fuel and oil to function properly, there are different types of liquids that help the vehicle run smoothly. One of these liquids is the automatic transmission fluid. Often, the only time car owners realize the transmission fluid needs changing is when it’s too late and things have gone wrong.

To prevent this from happening to motorists again, here are some facts about the automatic transmission fluid you need to know:

Automatic Transmissions Rely On The Transmission Fluid

The automatic transmission for Mercedes Benz and other automatic vehicles are very different from their manual counterparts. The automatic type relies heavily on the clean fluid to keep it running normally. The fluid in the transmission keeps the gearbox lubricated to allow all the parts to move correctly. It is also needed to power all the internal hydraulics inside the transmission while also keeping it cool.

Failing to change the fluid will result in more breakdowns and transmission overheating until finally the vehicle gives up and will no longer work.

Debris Build Up

The clutch naturally wears down with use and will occasionally slip from time to time. When it does slip, a part of the clutch will break off and since the material has nowhere else to go, it ends up in the transmission fluid. Aside from the clutch, other debris from the gearbox will also collect in the fluid.

If allowed to build up, the debris will eventually lead to costly transmission problems in the near future.

Blocked Filter

The automatic transmission for Mercedes Benz uses a filter to prevent the debris in the fluid from moving from one part to another. When the fluid is not replaced regularly, the filter will eventually collect too much debris, preventing it from doing its job.

A blocked transmission filter will result in stick valves, a delay in gear changes, and even the loss of one or more of the gears making it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle when in use.

The Perfect Recipe For A Disaster

Transmission fluid that goes unchanged for a prolonged period is a disaster waiting to happen. As more debris is collected and fluid can no longer pass through the transmission and do its work, the clutch will continue to slip. This will result in even more debris build-up and bigger problems.

Eventually, the vehicle will suffer from the complete loss of drive making it impossible to use on the road. If the fluid is not changed regularly and the transmission is suffering due to this lack of fluid change, a complete and expensive transmission overhaul will be required.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Check

Visit your local and trusted mechanic to see if it is time to get the transmission fluid changed. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start caring for your Mercedes Benz’s transmission.

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