How to Address Common Household Odors

Maintaining your home isn’t just about external appearance. It’s important to address the things that are hidden from plain view to keep your house in working order while preventing major problems from developing. Dealing with new or unwanted smells can also help you create a more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. If you notice these odors in your home, here are some simple ways to address them.

Smelly Drains

Has it been a while since you scheduled drain cleaning services littleton co? Unpleasant aromas that originate from your sink or shower drains could point to unwanted buildup. You can try some basic home remedies, such as baking soda and hot water. Avoid chemical drain products as they can be dangerous and make matters worse. If the smell persists, call in the pros, as you may be dealing with a troublesome clog or leak.

A Musty or Stale Stench

If your home has a musty smell, you could be dealing with a mold issue. Start by conducting a visual search to look for signs of mold growth. If you don’t find any obvious signs, you could just be dealing with stale air and poor circulation. Open the windows for some fresh air and give charcoal sachets a try.

Sour Odors in the Bathroom and Kitchen

When you’re using running water on a regular basis, there are ample opportunities for foul smells. If you notice a particularly pungent scent, it’s likely that the fabrics and corners in these rooms aren’t getting fully dry, which can lead to mildew growth. Let in as much sunlight as possible and use exhaust fans or open windows to pull excess moisture from the air. Wash linens often in a baking soda solution and dry them thoroughly on a higher heat setting to help prevent them from souring.

If you notice a new or unpleasant scent in your home, take action to find the source right away. This way, you can prevent serious damage while refreshing your home.

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