How to Become an Expert in Playing More Than One Musical Instrument?


Musicians usually try their level best to become an expert in playing more than one musical instrument. Guitar, saxophone, and guitar are some of the instruments everybody wants to master. Many benefits come along with playing more than one musical instrument being an expert.

Musicality is not a child’s play. Musicality refers to playing more than one musical instrument. 

However, to be a multi-instrumentalist some of the challenges are also there. Know that multi-instrumentalist is a person who is an expert in operating several musical instruments. 

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Be a Multi-instrumentalist

Being a multi-instrumentalist does not mean that you are proficient in playing guitar. And pick up the harmonium and play it for only some time. Nobody could become an expert that way. 

A multi-instrumentalist is a seasoned musician as well. That means that the musician is mastered in using one instrument. However, his commands on using other musical instruments are also high. 

There are some points to follow for becoming a multi-instrumentalist.

  • Scheduling the Time

Schedule the proper time for playing a musical instrument. Start with the one that you find easier to learn. It will adjust your focus. Then, got for other instruments accordingly.

  • Take Fresh Practice

Practice the instruments regularly. The more the number of musical instruments you will learn, the harder it will become to take a fresh practice for any one of them. You may lose a good grip on the instruments if they have not played in a while. 

  • Strength of Muscle

Most of those instruments require the strength of your fingers. That requires fingers to be in motion continually. The muscle strength is sensitive to play such instruments on regular basis. The muscles will ultimately practice moving in a certain way actively. 


Here is a list of useful tips that will enable you to become an expert in playing a musical instrument. Moreover, get to know about George Freundlich, his success story will motivate you, for sure. 

  • The urge to learn multi-instruments should always come alongside practice. It is said that,

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

So, to be an all-rounded musician you need to practice at least for 30 minutes daily. Be diligent in practicing. It is imperative to say that 30 minutes of practice every day is appropriate for learning a new instrument. 

  • Joining a local band or a community group will aid in learning the concepts of musical instruments. When people with similar interests come along together, they will surely help out each other for attaining a common goal. 
  • Choose a mentor who will provide you with proper guidelines. Positive criticism will make you not to repeat the same mistake twice. 

Final thoughts

A bad day or a week should not let you think of giving up on your dream. It may take a year or so to develop the skills. But stay persistent because they will then stay with you for a lifetime. 

Paul watson

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