How to care for your bike suspensions

I often see bikers grapple with the question of faulty bike suspensions. Most people don’t realize that just like cars, motorcycles equally require regular service maintenance to optimize their capacity and functionality. If they are not serviced, small problems accumulate over time into more expansive issues that are costly and endangers your safety as a biker. One such area to look out for is motorcycle suspension. 

What is a bike suspension?

It is a collection of accessories and parts in a motorcycle tasked with managing weight applied on the bike’s chassis.

What are the roles of suspensions?

Suspensions play several crucial roles in bikes. They provide comfort and stability during riding since they absorb shocks from the wheels on uneven roads and bumps. They also contribute to safety when breaking for both the front and rear systems of the bike. Moreover, modern motorcycles have adjustable frames that can be modified to fit the rider’s body size and weight for additional comfort and autonomy of the riding style. 

Reasons why you need to service your bike 

The system slowly degrades with use over time. However, proper care can prolong its life and prevent faults from building up. 

How to go about it

Perform regular service to your bike. Here is a list of the areas that need to be maintained;

  • You need to check for oil contamination. During riding, it lubricates the components preventing them from friction. However, the oil can get contaminated by accumulating metal shaving over time, thus the need to change.
  • Check the oil viscosity to prevent damping during a performance. 
  • Check and correct the condition of the rubber seal rings. If they are damaged or out of position, they can cause erratic movement of the suspension.
  • Check and replace the brushes if damaged; they are Teflon-lined rings that act as bearing to the shocks and the fork stanchions. You can obtain these at any reliable motorcycle parts outlet near you.   
  • Check the springs’ condition and moderate since softer springs cause the bike to move forward and backward after braking and acceleration, respectively. Tight springs can cause you to summersault from the force of braking or acceleration.

Other considerations

While cleaning your bike, it is imperative to note how you use the pressure washer to protect the swingarm and linkage bearings. The bearings can also be greased regularly, depending on the magnitude of usage and road type.


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