How to Choose a Reliable Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Shipping products from a factory to an Amazon fulfillment or distribution center is usually the last few tasks business owners have when they source their products. This can be costly, especially when shipping with a parcel delivery company. But, this parcel service can only be a good option for parcels weighing up to 150 kilograms. For bigger parcels, it is more cost-effective to consider Clearit Amazon fba freight forwarding service. When choosing a freight forwarder for Amazon FBA, the following should be taken into account:

Willingness to Communicate with You

E-commerce is prone to last-minute changes which can include adjusting carton dimensions or the projected velocity at which in-stock products sell. A reliable freight forwarder communicates clearly and effectively, saving your business some money. When picking a forwarder, ask about their physical location and capabilities in both the country of origin and destination. Before you confirm an upcoming shipment, pay attention to how the forwarder will communicate with you to have an idea of their customer service level and possible communication challenges. 

Choose a Transparent Forwarding Service

Getting your first quote from a freight company anchorage ak can be confusing. That is why you want a transparent forwarder. Your forwarder should clearly explain what you are charged for and to what extent you can include or exclude features.

Before you book your next shipment, ensure you understand customs duties and Incoterms. This will help you understand the inclusions of your shipment and how to avoid surprising charges.  Also, make sure to ask your forwarder how they will handle pricing, billing, and shipment tracking to ensure they offer the level of transparency you need.

Choose a Forwarder Who Understands Your Business

Make sure to partner with a forwarder that is familiar with e-commerce and Amazon FBA. As an Amazon seller, you must follow strict guidelines around deliveries and packaging. A good freight forwarder understands this side of the business and easily navigates you through the unique fulfillment requirements of Amazon. 

When picking a freight forwarder, do not just opt for the one that has the cheapest rate. As an importer, you have a lot of hidden costs to deal with and responsibilities to fulfill. A good forwarder provides a premium service at a competitive rate which could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the end. Ensure you choose a forwarder that provides transparent quoting, uses a clear and collaborative tool, and has available updates on your shipment’s status. 

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