How To Choose the Best Real Estate Agent For You

Asheville, North Carolina, is a beautiful part of the country. From the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains to the booming art and music scene to gorgeous historic buildings, Asheville has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a permanent home, a vacation home or an income property, Asheville is a great place to invest. With such a diverse real estate market, how can you find the best real estate agent for you?


Start with your friends and family who have recently bought or sold real estate in the area; ask how happy they were with the service they received, how attentive their Realtor® was and if they are pleased with the experience. Most people are happy to share their thoughts, both positive and negative. Listen carefully but keep in mind that you may feel differently about certain things — the agent they praise for constant communication may drive you crazy with too many phone calls. You may not end up taking their advice or using their agent, but you will appreciate their input and may be able to learn from their experience.


Personal referrals are a great place to start but look at more objective measures, too. Professional boards and trade journals often publish awards and accolades. Consider an agency’s recent history as well — top agencies will often have closed hundreds of deals in a year with millions of dollars in sales. For example, the Troy Flack Group has achieved “Top 100” status every year for half a decade, an indication of consistency and quality.


Some agents specialize in certain neighborhoods or target buyers only, while others offer a broader range of services. Be sure you are doing business with a real estate agency that has experience in the type of property in which you are interested. Even better, find a firm that has access to exclusive inventory not available to others, and you may be able to purchase a property before other buyers even realize it is for sale.


Real estate transactions are about location, lifestyle and money — but during the buying or selling process, the agent’s disposition can really make a difference. You want to work with someone whose personality clicks with yours — someone who is trustworthy, professional and gives you confidence. An agent who is personable and approachable can put your mind at ease. Look for a Realtor® with a positive attitude and a problem-solving mentality; there are often obstacles in the home-buying process, so choose someone you can rely on to find solutions that work for you. Mostly, you need an agent who will listen to you and address your concerns.


Clare Louise

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