How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

Many people might not realise it, but isn’t one of the biggest commodities that people need is space? Think about it: the cost of buying land only climbs year by year, rent is one of the biggest expenses for many people, and living or workspaces can be quite hard to find in dense cities like Singapore. It’s no wonder that we place a lot of value in free spaces.

If you’re like most homeowners or managers, then you might have found yourself in certain situations where you just couldn’t find enough space for your items. You may have the option to let go of or discard them, but in cases where you cannot dispose of them, have you ever considered storage solutions in Singapore?

What are storage services?

Also known as self-storage, warehousing and other storage solutions are services offered by companies to store equipment, belongings, and other items for a duration of time. If you don’t have any space for your items in your homes or spaces, getting a third-party company for help in storing items is your best option.

Warehouse storage providers in Singapore are used for multiple purposes, not just for business. Here are some examples of why you might want to get warehouse storage in Singapore.

1) You want to organise your logistics process. If the flow of goods and materials in your company is disorganised, you can waste a lot of time, money, and resources. For example, the delays caused by sorting through your inventory can cause a backlog. Freeing up space and storing items responsibly can help the whole process go more smoothly.

2) You have valuable items or equipment that you can’t let go but they take up much-needed space. Have valuable memorabilia at home that’s just collecting dust in the corner? Or maybe you find that your office space is getting cramped because of old furniture or equipment that you don’t use regularly. If so, looking for a storage provider that can hold your items until you need them again could be an option.

3) You’re moving away to another location but plan to come back or can’t dispose of your belongings just yet. Moving to a new home or space could be a life-changing decision for many people. Though many would like the opportunity to bring all their belongings with them, this may not be possible because of certain circumstances. Therefore, storage rental in Singapore is the best option for holding your precious belongings for some time until you can retrieve them.

4) You want to renovate or redesign your home or space. Not everyone has a spare warehouse to stuff their items in when they get a much-needed renovation of their spaces. You can find a variety of storage options that can let you store your items while your home is getting a makeover.

5) To protect an important investment. Have a valuable painting that’s worth quite a lot, or have precious photo albums that you want to preserve and keep away from prying eyes? There are many instances in which your home wouldn’t be the best place to put these valuables in. To protect your belongings from getting lost, storage solutions in Singapore are your best bet. Many warehouses and storage units employ safety measures that are intended to protect valuable items.

Choosing the right storage unit for your needs


Whether you’re renting a storage unit for business or personal use, you should take the job of choosing a unit or storage plan very carefully. There are many cheap storage options in Singapore, but some options are more acceptable than others when it comes to certain items. If you don’t choose wisely, you may end up improperly storing your items and damaging them.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a storage unit for your needs.

1) Size of your storage unit. This should be one of the most obvious deciding factors when it comes to choosing your storage unit.  If your storage unit is not big enough to hold your items, then the fees of renting it wouldn’t be worth it. The storage option that you choose should be big enough to house your items and also have enough room for more of your belongings in the future. It should also be big enough to have room for people to walk in, so you can locate and remove items at your leisure.

2) Price of the unit. Are the fees for renting your storage unit worth it? Cheap storage solutions in Singapore may look like a godsend, but if your storage unit goes underutilised, then it might just be a waste of money. Don’t be swayed by unnecessary packages and options and only get what you need.

3) Air conditioning and climate control. Some items can be sensitive to changes in temperatures. While we don’t need to worry about heaters, in Singapore, hot temperatures can wreak havoc on your valuables. There are some storage options that offer air conditioning and other climate control options so you can ensure your items are stored in the right humidity and temperature. Important items that need this option are things like paper documents and files, electronic equipment, perishables, and many more.

4) Insurance policies. Most self-storage companies will check whether your valuables are insured before renting out their spaces to you. If they are not insured, you may be forced to consider their insurance fees, which may not be ideal for you price-wise. Always do your research first.

Have items that you don’t have space for? SelfStore offers cheap storage options in Singapore for all your needs. Reach out to them via their website to learn more about their services.

Clare Louise

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