How To Choose the Design For Your Custom Dock


When building a lakeside dock, you want a functional space for your boat, but additional features can also be added for recreational use and design. Here are some things to consider when choosing elements for your new dock.

Decking Materials

There are many types of materials that decks and docks West Palm Beach can be constructed out of. For a strong structure, many docks use pressure-treated wood, aluminum and composites. The top choices of wooden deck materials include cedar or tropical hardwoods. Composite and plastic deck materials can offer lower maintenance and cost than wood while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your dock. Flow-through decking is another option that is composed of many tiny holes which allow water, dirt and sunlight to pass through, which means it’s quick-drying and easy to clean.

Type of Dock

The choice between a stationary or a floating dock comes down to your preferences for stability versus versatility. A stationary dock, also called a piling dock, is a permanent structure with poles that sink into the lake bed below, which creates a strong structure. For more adaptability, a floating dock can be built. They rise and fall with the water levels and can be removed from the water and placed in storage if you live in a climate where the lake will freeze.


Many fun elements can be added to your dock for additional recreation including a diving board, sliding board or trampoline. A gazebo or pergola can be added as a shade structure for when the sun gets a bit too strong. You can add lounge chairs and umbrellas for additional comfort. Don’t forget to add a ladder for an easy way up after swimming.

Make your deck as unique as you are for the best outdoor experience you can enjoy with your family.


Alison Lurie

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