How To Choose The Right Home Décor Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting is not only aesthetically pleasing, but they can also play a crucial role in improving your home décor. However, you need to know about pendant lighting to choose the right one. For instance, the lighting that is right for your bedroom may not be suitable for your living room. So you need to be very specific with your choice.


Whether you want to buy a star shape pendant lighting or any other modern design, we can help you choose the right lighting for your home.

Tips To Choose The Right Pendant Lighting

To help you out, we have listed some tips below.

  1. Know the types

To choose the right pendant lighting, you need to first know the types available. Selecting the right type of pendant lighting can help you increase the appeal of your house and also spike its value.

The different types of pendant lighting are multi-arm pendant lights, star pendant light, linear pendant lights, and others. You should choose the type based on the location where you are going to install it. For instance, if you have a contemporary style living room, then you should go for multi-arm pendant lights.

  1. Location and height of the ceiling

The next important thing you need to determine is the location where you are going to install the lights. Along with that you also need to consider the height of the ceiling.

If you are planning to install the lighting in an open space, then you need to make sure that you can walk underneath it easily. The lights should be at least 6 to 7 ft higher than the door.

  1. Get the right size

Lastly, you need to choose the right size of the pendant light. This completely depends on the size of your room or area where you are planning to install it.

If you have a bigger space, then you can go for a bigger star hanging light and vice versa.

By getting the right pendant lighting, you can transform the look of your house and make it more appealing to the guests.




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